Thursday, April 1, 2010

This song never fails to make me feel sad. I don't know why, because I don't even understand what the song is trying to say! The feel of the melody just overwhelmed me with sadness every single time i chanced upon this song.


I've been rather sick this few days. I miss camwhoring!

It has been kinda long since I spent time with the friends. The last outing was a KTV session with Sabrina, Raine and Huiwen at the cheap ktv I introduced. Hee. They were so doubtful of the quality! Eh, got quite alot of updated songs okay. Oh I forgot, they don't even sing updated songs anyway (=p), lol.

This black dress is from PolkadotPigs. Will do an advertorial for them shortly :) My hair has 3 different colours: black, dark brown, light brown. It's unintentional of course, the black at the top area shows how long I've not dyed my hair. The dark brown was the colour I dyed many months back and the light brown was because I used to have really light hair and the dark dye dropped off. I really ought to dye my hair again soon.

Raine had to leave afterwards and Elise joined us for dinner at Bedok85. I really love eating there. Some of the must-orders are BBQ chicken wings, oyster omelette, chaichee pork porridge add egg, sambal stingray, ginger onion frog claypot and maybe the prawns or fish if I feel rich! haha. At this kind of place, always order SugarCane! Feels less sweet than normal drinks :)

Please introduce some romantic/special/memorable western restaurant for me to bring SX on his birthday. Include the website page too! Thanks alot ah!

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