Saturday, April 10, 2010

If not for blogging, I would not have met these great friends :)

Met up with Jayden, Benjamin and Isaac for dinner one night! They were all late!!!! Tsk tsk. Walked big rounds before we settled on Fish&Co.

Check out Jayden's new leopard prints iphone skin!

Bloggers very kelian. Hungry liao still must take photo first. Hahaha.

I must take photo myself cos they take de all so ugly! Hee, bluff de luh, look at my food, obviously wasn't taken before the meal.

When i eat fish I don't really like the skin. I usually just scrap the meat out to eat!


Went off to MOF for desserts!

Cool application on Jayden's iphone! Can shake the tictacs....

and can pour out one!

Neoprints frenzy!!

Got background design also no use lor, cos the four of us filled up almost the whole screen! I look horrible in these neoprints :( The guys got so many cute poses!

The guys more camwhorish than me!!!!

Meeting these guys again tomorrow for lunchie! :D

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