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This is a very interesting little shop that plays on the names of the items using criminal terms. WristSlayers, Stranglers, Loberippers, etc. Can you guess what products does this shop offer?

Yes, accessories!

They will be participating in a flea market called Bazaar Weekends on 1st May, Saturday at Scape Youth Park! Head down if you will be at orchard area!

Join the mailing list for updates, because they will also be joining flea markets at least once a month for the rest of year 2010.

Customizations are available! Maybe you can do a necklace or bracelet with your bestfriend's name for her birthday or your Mum's name for the coming Mother's Day? Customised accessories are the most unique form of gifts because it's one-of-a-kind.

Similarly, the accessories that the owner handcrafted are not available for remakes too in order to ensure that customers have the one and only and they need not worry that others are wearing the same. Say yay for exclusivity!

Prices are affordable for all as the owner cleverly combines both common + quality materials in her work.

I totally love the vintage button rings!!

Right now the Fiddlers (rings) are strictly for sale at flea markets, with only one piece for 90% of them, and at least a hundred pieces every time! These rings start from a mere S$5.00, so head down to their fleas!!!

Customers can also email the owner for more photos should you require to see the accessories at different angles. (Extra service leh!)

Look at these candy themed rings. SO CUTE!

Please also join the Facebook page, just search for Damsels Most Wanted to join.

Quote Ice-Angel2010 for a 10% discount for online purchases, valid till 15th May 2010!


Dress and jacket from Hanasecret!

It has been so long since I met Jaclyn and co. Usually we only meet once a year, during CNY gatherings cos our parents are friends with their parents. However for some reasons, I didn't get to see them and Cheryl at this year's CNY. And so, Cheryl tried to organise a gathering for us, over twitter.

Cheryl did not come due to her quizzes the next day. We were all grumbling about 'where got planner plan liao never come one' haha.

Oh wells, I met up with the 4 siblings.

I like friends like Jaclyn. We are not close friends but it seems like she knows more about me than my regular friends! You know why? Cos she reads my blog almost everyday (so gandong!), which is at a rate that is a lot more than my closer friends who actually do not read my blog at all/once a month/year T_T

We were all twittering and I dunoe why I go and assume Jaclyn's nick is her name+surname. Lol. Cos you know, many of my friends have twitternicks like that! For example raine, elise, isaac, fidelis etc.

So anyway, it was great catching up with them. Jaclyn used to be so chubby but now I'm like twice her size -.-"

can you guess this seafood horfun is for who? :D

I'm sick again T_T

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