Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Before I put up more entries of my personal life, I'm going to introduce two blogshops today. I'm sure you'll love them!


The korean floral style is in trend now! When i first entered this blogshop, many items immediately caught my eye.

Although it is a pre-order, but I'm sure the beauty of the items are worth it! Mind you, I seldom want to wait for my clothes, but for such pretty pieces, it's an exception!

Here are some of the items which I recommend. Don't say I nice things never share, because this time I'm directing you right to where you can buy them!

Prices are all very affordable too, even though some of the items are shipped from Korea.
This maxi dress is only $25.50!!!!!!!!

Ordering is easy, because you can order directly at the bottom of the page!

There are alot more floral dresses in the site. Go check it out!

Besides dresses, they also have a range of cute tees to match with highwaist skirts/shorts.

There are lots of colours for this floral tee. I WANT ONE TOO!!!! It's so versatile.
Go buy go buy!
I love the current floral + light pastel colours trend now, and you all should embrace it too!

Don't when I wear these pretty pieces go out take nice pics liao then ask me where to buy hor! By then no more stocks already!


This is one really random blogshop. Other than usual accessories, they also sell cute stuff like card holders and pens. Lol.

Aren't these pens adorable!!!
I should really buy one and force SX to use it at work =P
I think he will kill me. Haha.

I like hairbands alot, and I've alot at home. But those I bought outside quite expensive, around $3 sometimes!!

These are only $0.90 EACH!!!!!
*Purchase all 8 for only S$7.00!*

If you don't like cute, there are also these bling bling rings!

There is also a honey necklace selling at only $6, and a pretty dangling necklace selling for only $5!

There are too many cheap finds I can't possibly put all pics here. You all have to go in yourself!

Ribbon hairclip. Get one and up your cute level :)

Hope you all love these two blogshops I introduced today! Have a great time shopping! Muak!


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