Saturday, April 17, 2010

Glutton Couple.

Flowers from bf :)
Not roses this time!

After work we went over to LongBeach at EastCoast for dinner. First time there, I think.

It was so long since we both had a good meal you know!! Both of us were totally broke for two weeks before we both got our pay. Kelian.

We ordered the dinner set for two. After including drinks all that total bill was $150+! I don't believe the portions were for two lor, i think that it can feed a family of 4 fully!

The starter was supposedly clams/oysters but i hate those stuff, so we had roasted chicken instead! Yums!

One of the dish on the menu was drunken prawns. One of the staff would come over show us how he shoot some alcohol into the live prawns in a bowl and shake shake. Our demo lasted a petty 3 seconds -.-" He did even ask us to look! He just came to us suddenly, did his thing, and left without a word. Lol!

SX peeled all the prawns that day ^^

Black pepper crab.

The fried rice was good but I wished I had a bigger stomach to eat so much.

BBQ fresh fish!! It's really fresh and juicy! However it was tasteless on one side and yummish on the other side.

Dessert for SX was this scoop of vanilla icecream sprinkled with rainbow chocolate bits, and yam paste for me.

A glutton couple.

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