Thursday, April 22, 2010

If you haven't noticed, right at the end of my blog I've a new feature, "READ MORE ENTRIES", which will lead you to another page of entries which you haven't read if you are not a regular reader. All thanks to Raine, who i trusted with my password, I can now beat the auto-pagination problem and my archives wont have missing entries anymore cos now you can just click more pages!

I'm so glad because this means I don't have to go through the trouble of shifting.

On the other hand I'm kinda sad cos I lost my wallet. It's really weird how I lost it because I remembered holding it on my hand in the bus! Then when I want to alight, it's gone. Not on the floor, not on the seat, not in my bag, and not in my hands.

Cancelled all of my cards and is now waiting for the reissue to be mailed to me. No more buying of things with student price by showing them my tertiary concession pass, cos I've already graduated out of school. HAI! I was intending to cheat student price for at least 2 years more lor! Nextime how to have cheap cheap KTV without student card! T_T

I think I know why I lost my wallet liao. Cos recently I had a photoshoot done with Jayden, and the pictures are FABULOUS. Probably my best pictures taken. And you know what people always say.. "you gain something you lose something". The pictures are SOOOOO boomz that I had to lose my pretty wallet. Hmmphs. Nevermind, wallet can buy new one, nice pictures are rare. Show you all next time!! I still got so much to blog away so you all wait okay. Heh.

If you really cannot wait, got a preview for one of the pics at my twitter account display picture. . Follow me if you havent!! I actually update there faster than I update my blog.

Here are some random pictures taken while I was filming the video in the previous entry. Credits to Raine for most of the pictures!

I like this vibrating buzzy thingy! It helps to buff away the 3D objects from the previous extensions.

You like? I like how it's simple yet sweet.

CuiLing helped me pedicure leopard prints! Me loving it :)

Although this time the ribbons on my nails are retail-bought, usually 3D objects on the nails are drawn on the spot using acrylic powder!

See? Like this, they sculpt the ribbon using a brush. So amazing!

End result of drawn ribbons:

Go to for more details on how to make a reservation.

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