Friday, April 23, 2010

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Last time I love my camera alot but after i see other people's camera the picture colour so nice somemore got bokeh (background blur) somemore still can so compact, my camera like very lousy in comparison lor!

Hmmphs, look at these piccies.
Nice food also become so undesirable!

Had all these goodies and alot more at Xin Fu Yum Cha, with the usual gang. Jayden, Ben, Raine and Elise.

After lunch we split ways to run our own errands.
I went to cut bangs cos I really think I look bad with side fringe.

Raine intro this hairstylist for me cos my usual hair salon Clover is closed for that day.

We joined back again after running our errands and took neoprints! Elise and Raine bluff people one, they say they so long never take neoprints liao but you see these pictures, they more pro at posing than us leh! Must be at home secretly practise right.

My bangs nicer than side fringe right?

For your info, the "Mei" is i ownself put in one. Haha. Bhb much.

Ending Off.

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