Sunday, April 4, 2010


No one ever gets tired of shopping isn't it? Today I'm going to introduce this blogshop with a funny name, yet beautiful apparels.


Not the first time I liased with them!

First up, I was very impressed with their packaging. I chose 4 items and it came in a tight package, wrapped with DOUBLE protection of thick brown paper. After the excited unwrapping:

Here are the four pretty pieces!

At polkadotpigs, you can look ANY style you want. I'm going to show it to you :)

For girl night outs, feminine and chic:

And then, sometimes you might want to look edgy and cool for school.

But most of the time, i like being bubbly and sweet :) Especially on dates, looking lovely is fail-proof!

I love the hem laces!

Okay enough of my amaeteur photos!

I forgot to take a picture with this blue outerpiece. Pair it with a casual white romper and you are on your way to being cute and charming!

I love that they sell a wide variety of styles and designs, at very affordable prices. It's like a one-stop clothing store for people who have chameleon characters.

This are other pieces from their new collection that caught my eye:

They also give FREE normal mail for local orders!

For a blogshop that provides quality service and products, I'm sure you would want to be one of the first to know about any updates!

Join their mailing list ( ) or FB page ( ) for members-only specials and giveaways!


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