Thursday, April 15, 2010


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What attracted me to their shop when i first saw their adverts on other blogs were the pretty designs and photography. We don't see much of that in Singapore do we? At first I even thought that this is an overseas apparel shop, bet my surprise when I realise it was actually Singapore based. Kudos to the photographer and model, for bringing the "taiwan online shop" style to Singapore.

I was crazily in love with the taiwanese online shops back then, and I enjoyed shopping at Hanasecret too! There were so many pieces that I like and I was spoilt for choice~!

One of my choices was this cute white polkadot tubedress. It is not of sheer material, unlike usual white dresses.

I like that every page of design, there are enough pictures to see the various angles of the dress. It makes it so much more accurate than just two angles.

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Besides cute floral pieces, there are also other wide varieties be it for office, casual day shopping or glam!

Love the way they style the clothes? You may also visit
for styling tips!

They have weekly updates, so do click back every week!

Their designs are primarily in-house and self-manufactured, and that's why I love the low prices for such exclusivity!

There is a storewide 30% sale right now,
so head over to HANASECRET for your sweet shopping spree!

I've afew more pieces I took from them that I havent wore yet. Show you all the pictures in future posts when I wear them out and I'll be crediting their link too!

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