Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today, I'm going to haolian two of my favourite photos from the shooting session with Jayden last weekend. So you all must go thank his photographic skill because you get to view these chio piccies!

You can also click on the picture to see a larger view ^^

For the past few days I've been staring and admiring these two pictures on my computer. That shows how much I love them. I even set the first picture as my company computer's background pic!


Don't see like very breezy with all the hair flying hor. It was ultimately warm and humid that day. We shunned the noon sun and started mid-afternoon but that day it was opposite from usual; it was cooling at noon and hot during the timing we shoot -.-

THERE WAS NO WIND AT ALL. The flying hair was DIY-ed. It means that for every shot, Fabian, who was there to help out that day as well, took a bunch of my hair and swash it across my face while Jayden shoot. We have lots of candid, failed, NGs of my flying hair in the harddisk now. I think if next time I accidentally offend him, he will post up all of my unglory shots online T_T

Each perfect shot usually comes with a dozen failed shots - the perfect timing is often difficult to grasp, unless you are lucky. On the other hand, we sometimes get great pictures out of test shots.

Behind the scenes you see me constantly using a tissue to wipe my forehead because I keep perspiring. Because I have bangs, it is very important to keep my forehead dry so that my fringe doesn't become several strands of wet hair sticking on my forehead. However, no matter how much I wiped, it was still wet. So, we made do with a fluffy top-layer and beneath it is all wet strands sticking on my forehead. Haha you would never had guessed it right.

In another picture which I'm going to show probably next week, I was in the middle of several dense plants and bushes, and the photo portrayed me in a cool facial expression, but behind the scenes I was totally uncool, trying to keep the insects from crawling onto my legs. In the end I couldn't stand the itchy insects and ran out of that spot. I think I stepped on some insect nest or something.

Which one you like more!!!!

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