Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a PC person.
I used it since I was a kid, when my dad brought home an old computer not wanted anymore by my uncle.

Now at work, I was forced to use a Mac because afterall, it's a creative agency and all design people use Mac, apparently.

Unlike what they said: "After you start using Mac you will never want to change back to PC again", I'm not ready to give up my PC yet. Yes, there are several features on the Mac that is quite convenient, but there are also points that are not convenient. I like the F9 feature, where I could see everything I want to see, and also the F11 shortcut where I could go to the desktop directly. This, PC cannot do.

However, when PC closes a program, it closes completely. Unlike mac where after I click 'x' on a document, the application at the bottom still shows it as opened and the tab stays up there irritatingly like a pestering ex. I still have to Ctrl-click it and press quit in order to sever ties with it completely for the day.

A PC's default mouse also has 2 buttons - left click, right click. This enables you to use the mouse on one hand while eating goreng pisang on the other hand and if you have long hands, you could even relax on a slight laid-back position.

Whereas for mac, their default mouse is a ONE-click mouse. In order to rightclick, I have to put down my goreng pisang, move forward from my comfortable sofa position, press "Ctrl" while clicking the mouse. Why can't the mac people just make a 2-click mouse? That also means I cannot copy-paste using only one hand-_-Yes I know I can use a PC mouse on a Mac, but wouldn't it be easier if the mac mouse that comes with the computer doesn't try to be different and insist on being a one-click mouse?

AND, where is their scroll? The one usually in between left&right click. I'm so used to using that scroll to scroll through long blogs, it's so difficult to keep pressing "down"! Oh ya, the mac mouse is really uncomfortable as well. My hand cramps everyday because of it.

From what I know, to use a PC, you dont need to have BOTH the mouse and the keyboard. With the keyboard, you still can navigate around properly, with tab key doing what the mouse usually does. With only a mouse, you can still use the computer perfectly fine though kinda tedious because in order to type this entry, i would have to copy paste alot of letters one by one. haha. Hey I really did it before when my keyboard spoilt!

With a Mac, you have to get both I guess. Other than that, there are several functions that I'm quite comfortable and love in PC, and I dont see that in Mac.

Anyway I'm a Internet Explorer fan and I'm using it on my PC. Guess I'm a faithful consumer. But IE looks horrible on a mac so I'm using Firefox on the workdesk mac. Haha.

Another thing about Mac & Firefox is also that if I'm using an old version of mac, i cannot download the latest firefox. Nor is the older version that could fit with the older mac available from their site. I had to google for it and with this older version of firefox, I cannot download flashplayer as well -.- tsk.

I still prefer my PC and my IE.
:) I guess I'm a reallllllly cynical person when it comes to changes.

Oh, and some people say PC hangs like shit? Tell you something. Mac hangs too. And when it hangs, I don't even know if Ctrl-Alt-Delete works. What is the Mac equivalent of that ah? Anyone knows?

Okay luh, to be fair, when an application hangs in mac, it'll only affect that one application and you can just open a new application and restart your work. For PC, you usually have to restart the whole thing.

&, Mac starts up and closes faster. Way faster than PC.

Old-fashion dating.
SX fetched me after work last week and off we went to Changi Airport!

On the skyride. I loved the skyride since I was a kid.
(time to cut bangs again! i look really weird in this picture but every picture with sx my face sure not nice one, i xi guan already haha)

We had popeyes but it wasn't as great as we expected it to be. Still prefer arnold's!

Went to view aeroplanes but we were blocked by another glass afew metres away so couldn't see clearly :( Seems like the place changed alot!

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