Friday, April 9, 2010

See this diagram, the route from my house to the bus stop:
(not drawn to scale luh, the bus where got as big as a flat. haha)

Usually if a bus comes along, I'll definitely be able to see it (as shown in the diagram). The thing about it is, from the point where I see a bus coming along, it's still quite some path before the bus stop. If I run (with max speed), there is 50 percent chance I might be able to catch it (if there are lotsa people taking their own sweet time to get up the bus).

If it was you, and you are in a hurry, you will run right??
That's the irritating thing about it. I rather not being able to see the bus coming along, because at least if I did not manage to run fast enough to catch the bus, I WONT KNOW. It sucks to know that I missed the bus cos I ran a tad too slow. Imagine if I strolled my way there, the bus would have left 3 minutes ago without me knowing, then it wont be counted as "missing the bus"!

So nowadays I try to look at the floor while walking to the bus stop and resist the urge to glimpse towards the road to see if the bus is coming along. Haha stupid right, where got people create a mountain out of a molehill about this kind of trivial stuff one. Lol.

You know, I always judge whether my day will be suay or not by this de. If I miss the bus, I always conclude that I'm having a suay morning then I'll be scolding myself. If I reach the bus stop at the same time as the bus is coming, I'll be super happy and conclude that I'll be having a smooth day. Haha.

Anyway, speaking of roads, how do you people look out for traffic when crossing over to the other side?

Most people would answer "of course the eyes luh!"
But I think I have a different approach.

I realise that I always listen for cars instead of looking for cars. When I cross normal (small) roads, I have a habit of always looking straight and walk. If a car comes along, I will detect it cos I can hear the engine coming towards me.

Without my sense of hearing, I'll be very prone to accidents. I remembered several times I almost kena because I was listening to music using earpiece. Luckily afew times my friends will hold me back. I even had a classmate last time who ran into the middle of the road just to grab me back cos she shouted to me that there is a car coming and I didn't hear cos I was listening to the earpiece.


Erm, how do I abruptly end such a random entry? Seems like after 4 years of blogging I still havent learn the art to ending a blogpost properly!

How do the other bloggers do it so smoothly!!!!

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