Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Went out for shopping day with Mummy and Sis some days back!

Had Yoshinoya for lunch and mum's bowl was filled with veggies from me and sister's bowl. Haha. She was so full from it. It's like she was eating veggie rice.

After disposing of our veggies, me and sis only had 4 pathetic pieces of meat in our rice bowl. I'm still wondering why I had liked Yoshinoya in my secondary school days.

Love my new bag! Saw the exact same bag on another girl previously and had wanted a bag like that. So glad that I could find it at only $12!! Black plain slippers ($10) are for wearing at the office, 4 maxi eyes contact lenses ($56) and light blue denim jacket ($28 - supposedly $30 but the salesgirl accidently gave me discount, whee)! It's so rare that I could find a denim jacket suitable for me. I didn't want a thick material one, so this one is perfect, especially with the lace at the sleeve hem!

Wore it over a floral tube dress! :)

My colleague went overseas and came back with this "xing fu" thingy for me.

Recently i started playing a new game on facebook! It is called hotel city. I'm very pleased with my hotel's renovation and themes!! :D:D

Which room you love most? :D

(1) Modern - rich, luxury style
(2) Modern black and white room - for business people.
(3) Japanese themed room
(4) Chinese floral theme
(5) Victorian Royal
(6) Green? lol. don't know what theme to call this.
(7) Rainbow Kids room
(8) Baby's room.
(9) Valentines love.
And the rest is restaurant, gym and cleaners room :D Some of the rooms are very cramped cos I had wanted to fill up the green bar .Currently my hotel is full up 5 stars hotel! :D I'm still waiting to level up so that I can expand my area and build more rooms!

Haha I think decorate until very nice so must put here haolian abit! Lol~

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