Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Instead of blogging about my new nails extensions, this time I vlogged it! It's so much easier than taking pictures!

Many people have been emailing me to ask about the procedures of gel extensions, but i find it so difficult to explain in words so this time I video-ed it down so that you see everything for yourself!

So paisei!! I feel so fake cos some of the lines were scripted, and I don't like talking to the camera scripted. I prefer doing natural videos where I'm actually doing something active and words come out straight from the mind. For example, those family videos that dad took.

Thanks to Raine who helped to video and also kept encouraging me by saying "natural!!" when i know she's lying cos my sister at the side is giggling and showing me the "so fake sia" face -_-

I uploaded this video at vlogCRUSH! It is supposed to be a Vlog, but instead of doing it the usual way, I vlogged about my topic right on the spot, so that you have visuals to see!

vlogCRUSH is Singapore’s first online platform dedicated to video blogging (vlogging). This free-to-use interactive site allows vloggers to share and express their opinions and gain talent recognition opportunities.

Here are some vloggers who found fame through vlogging!

Michelle Phan, the most subscribed beauty vlogger. I love her makeup tutorial videos! They are so professionally taken. To read about how successful she is, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Phan

Kevjumba, think of vlogs and you will think of him. Just search youtube for his name and you can see various videos he made, just with him going on and on about his views. No need for pretty faces, no need for fancy background. Just him and his words. His videos are quite interesting, got me hooked.

Natalie Tran, I only know about her recently, and it seems like she's famous too! Search for her name as well to find out more!

But you know what? Just from 3 of the famous vloggers, none are Singaporeans. Guess singaporeans are still more interested in blogging?

Spearheaded by a group of young entrepreneurs, vlogCRUSH is set to breed a new vlogging culture in Singapore.

Although I express myself better through writing than video-ing, I quite like the idea of vlogging. I feel that it's somehow more "real", as compared to blogging. I feel that the way we write doesn't necessarily represent our character. People who are cute/fierce with words, might not be the same way in real life.

Vlogging is also more natural, because you do not have a draft. You are speaking straight from your head. You cannot edit after speaking, unlike blogging where you can change a few words.

Vlogcrush is a space set aside just for vlogs, so if you want to watch vlogs, just click on vlogcrush.com! The same if you want to be watched by people who wants to watch vlogs, upload your videos at vlogcrush!

There is this campaign going on right now at vlogCRUSH.

If you sign up for a FREE vlogCRUSH account at www.vlogcrush.com and input esther as referral code(THIS ONE YOU MUST REMEMBER!!!), you get a chance to win a Sony Bloggie Camera!!!!!! And if you win it, I WILL WIN IT TOO!! Remember ah, must put my name then can win leh.

The vlogCRUSH campaign will start from 19 April 2010 – 16 May 2010. The lucky draw for the Sony Bloggie camera will be held on 17 May 2010.

Why I want Sony bloggie camera (PM5K), worth $399 each. (http://www.sony.com.sg/productcategory/msc-bloggie)

It's PORTABLE, EASY TO SHARE ONLINE, one of the colour choice is PINK, and look at the various points below!

I tried using it already and i do love it. It's such a convenient video taking tool. I like how chic-looking it is as well. Although it is small in size, it does not compromise on other things like functions! You can zoom in zoom out like usual cams, and it wasn't laggy at all!

With vlogCRUSH, you can:
• Vlog your opinions
• Host your own web shows
• Personalize your interactive features
• Engage your audience (‘Crushers’)
• Be Recognized, Be Rewarded
… and more!

Who knows, you might be the next VLOG star in singapore! Forget about finding fame through blogging luh, Singapore so many 'famous' bloggers already, be the pioneer batch of famous vloggers is better!

If you don't like being in the spotlight, you can also log in to view the other vlogger's creations! There are quite interesting ones! If you are not logged in you are not able to view the videos, except for their V-show or variety shows. Why limit yourself? Just sign up for free!

Currently still in beta stage, vlogCRUSH will be introducing lots of exciting features in time to come. In the meantime…

Be seen. Be heard. Be a star at www.vlogcrush.com today!

Take self-expression to new heights with vlogCRUSH!


(note: this is an advertorial)

Credit: Dress that I was wearing in the video was sponsored by Hanasecret.

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