Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Dolce Creations

Handmade accessories with love, inspired by the pretty things in life. Indeed! Handmade accessories are representations of exclusivity, sincerity and love. However, since we are unable to craft these properly ourselves, we have blogshops selling handmade accessories to thank for.

Be it as a gift for a friend or for to keep as own, you'll definitely find a suitable design at Dolce Creations. Wide variety of designs to choose from, each with their own beauty.

Elegant and Unique.

Feminine and Delicate.

At Dolce Creations, the accessories are all handmade at attractive and affordable prices; customisations and remakes are also available!

Designs are also available at retail boutiques - Green Petals (Far East Plaza Lvl 3 and Wisma Atria B1). Head down for a look when you pass by! You might find afew new loves!

Professionalism at work, there is promptness in replying to emails and enquiries - usually within 2 hours. How fantastic is that! Everyone wants to make sure that their orders got through and no one likes waiting long.

To receive latest updates, you can also subscribe to their mailing list. It's easy! Just email with subject “Subscribe” to

Delight your loved ones now!

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