Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I feel that this month has been going on for freaking long! Don't you think so? SX says that it might be because February has only 28 days, that's why March which has 31 days feels somehow longer.

Anyways, I've been busy this few days searching for a 'stable' full time job to appease the parents. I've been feeding myself through my blog for more than a year already, but the parents still hope for me to get a REAL job. That means, unless I get a contract which gives me a standard amount of salary to blog per month, Mum is not going to be satisfied with the advertorials I do here and there. Well, I do understand why. Earning from advertorials is not going to be stable in the long run (what if there is one month where i don't get any advertorials at all??).

Oh well, I went to find jobs for the past few days and I'm thoroughly exhausted now. I spent alot on cabs, just to be able to squeeze 3 interviews in a day (it's totally necessary to spend lor, some of the locations are so ulu!).

I spent alot of time waiting for my turn to come, only to find out about something not suitable - be it the low salary, working hours, or jobscope. Why can't they just list out everything on the adverts they post out? If cost was the problem, why do they refuse to tell me straight on the phone when i called to ask, instead of having me going down, waste my time waiting only to tell them that "no, I'm not okay with 1k as my salary"?

One of the interviewers was even a colleague at a company which I had a bad experience with! It's a small small world.

It's depressing to see my job-looking experiences going downhill after Day One, where everything went great. Tell you, it's totally not fun waking up to circling ads on the newspapers and calling up companies.

There is one particular job that I am waiting for. I loved the prospects of the company, the environment, the friendliness of the staff, office culture, working hours, location, job scope and actually everything about it suits me perfectly fine. Just that, the boss is not back from overseas yet and 2nd interview would be in 2 weeks times. I don't think my mum can wait for a job that is not confirmed. Well, I hope they call me soon to bring forward the 2nd interview date so that I can finally stop my job-looking routine cycle.

I just flunked another job interview (which has good pay) today. I totally spouted answers that could ruin my chances of getting the job. I think I was feeling too anxious.

On another note, I counted the amount of bring-home pay an average person gets after deducting CPF. Can you image, a $1450 pay can become 1160 after cutting 20 percent!! It's a really big cut!!!

Meanwhile, here's one more advertorial to feed me for afew more days.

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