Monday, March 8, 2010

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Don't be deceived by the smile on my face.
I was super hungry when i took this picture!

What was i waiting for?




To have our buffet at PIZZA HUT!!!!!
Why buffet? Later you see the amount of food you will understand already. Haha.

Look at LadyIronChef's (ya, don't ask me why HE is called LADYironchef. I asked afew times he never give me related answer lei. Haha) and Miyake's excited faces. We are all waiting for the food!!

Isaac's Summer Sparkle and my Berri Sparkle.
The names damn chio right?!

I really like the Berri Sparkle. It's strawberry flavoured and I had two cups of it! I usually don't drink alot but I don't know why this time i wanted one after the other!

Of course, every meal starts with appetizers.
This is the Seafood Tofu Salad which i didn't get to try cos it was passed around and I never got to see it again after this picture :( Must be someone else ate it up!

And this is the Oriental Salad. Isaac kept munching on it! I'm never a salad person but i found myself munching on the chicken karaage as well.

The spicy drumlets on this platter. A must-order for all my Pizza Hut deliveries.

These chicken riblets are strong-flavoured, much to my liking. Don't you all hate bland food?

After the appetizers, it's time for the main courses!!

Introducing, the STAR of the day.
newest addition to the Pasta Perfetto Specialty range –
Soft Shell Crabbiatta Pasta

Actually pastas were already included in the menu since afew months ago but the Soft Shell Crabbiatta Pasta was only launched on 1st March, which means we were one of the first customers to taste this amazing new flavour. One of the perks of being a blogger!

Pizza Hut uses fresh ingredients, matching with the finest Barilla pasta, Italy’s number 1 premium brand, to give the Pasta Perfetto an authentic al dente taste!

Miyake posing with her Pasta. And do you see the table behind? That's the table for taking photos of the food. Lol. We all professional bloggers okay. We take much effort in producing good pictures for show on our blog =D

Being spicy, I'm sure it would please the taste buds of Singaporeans. Afterthought while tasting it, I realised that the sauce tasted just like the Chilli Crab!!!!!!

Omg, an affordable alternative to expensive chilli crab!

Me and Isaac posing happily with our pastas!

The soft shell crab was a surprise to me. I thought it would be soggy and mushy but it was so unlike the other soft shell crabs i have tasted before!

It was fragrant, crispy and tasted good!

And the pasta was cooked to al-dente as well.
It has indeed matched up to our expectations!
You see, they are so engrossed with their pastas!

You should try it too! It's special because being sweet and spicy, the sauce is so different from usual pastas we eat outside.

We also tried the other pastas that were launched earlier before!
This is Turkey Bacon Carbonara. It was creamy and it has a rich cheesy taste!
It makes me keep wanting more!

This is the Basil Crayfish Pasta that i was raving about even before the food tasting session start. I had it when they first launched it and i still like it after so long. Everyone else likes it too!

Prawn Aglio Olio. The prawns were great. I secretly ate all the prawns i hope nobody noticed how come the plate of pasta got no prawns one =P

It's unlike all the other Aglio Olio I ate. There's so much lesser oil. Good for people who hate oily food.

And this pasta!! Tomato + Cream based sauce. Interesting right! I've never seen this before. It tasted like creamy tomato.

You can try other pastas too in their Pasta Perfetto menu – Classic and Specialty range. Don't forget to also try the fantastic new Soft Shell Crabbiatta which i introduced earlier!

Okay i know you drooling already cos got so many nice food piccies. Let me interrupt and show one picture of myself so that you can stop drooling okay. Lol.

Then we had Crispy Thin Pizza!!!!!!
How could we say we had been to PizzaHut if we didn't have the pizzas??

This is the healthier choice pizza. So pretty! I heard someone mentioned that it looked like a garden when they served us this. When i was eating it I really felt healthy!

Meat Galore. Consisted of beef so i cannot eat.

Finally, dessert time! My stomach was bloated by this time but I really couldn't resist this. The warm chocolate cake was heavenly. Even Elise couldn't speak for afew minutes cos she was too enchanted by the chocolate.

The cheesecake was awesome! It was dense and rich, just how i like cheesecakes to be. I wish they have the cheesecake + warm chocolate cake on one plate. This dessert is also especially good to go with the main course of Soft Shell Crabbiatta as it will definitely cool off the spiciness in your tongue!

Okay okay. I know that I'm being really inconsiderate here by tempting you all with so much food on my blog so I'm now going to announce something really nice.

I am inviting 10 of you to have a makan session at Pizza Hut with me!!!! Yes it also means FREE lunch =P

The main focus is not the free part luh, it's more about letting you try the food yourself to know that I'm not lying in this entry! Especially the Soft Shell Crabbiatta! It's a totally new experience and I'm sure you want to try it for yourself too!

Here's the info:

Date: 16th March 2010
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Location: City Square Mall – Pizza Hut #01-19/21

Send in your FULL NAME, EMAIL, PREFERRED SPEAKING LANGUAGE & CONTACT DETAILS to if you are interested to join this makan session WITH ME at PizzaHut!

I'll be randomly picking 10 of you. If you want to come along with a friend, please write her particulars in the email as well okay, so that i know you two are friends.

Must email okay!!!
If nobody emails I'll be really sad cos it means nobody loves me!!!

Go visit Pizza Hut website to find out more!!

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