Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because of this auto-pagination problem in blogspot which has been affecting my archives, I'm thinking about moving to Wordpress.

Besides moving to wordpress, there is also another way to get around the problem. Switch from HTML to XML (which also means redo-ing the whole layout from scratch), so that there is an "older/newer post" link at the bottom, which allows the readers to be able to read the other entries that were hidden by the auto-pagination.

And since I'll have to redo my whole layout for both options (and i think using XML aka use default template for blogger is damn ugly unless I am good at coding but I'm not), might as well move to Wordpress and get a domain right?

Okay, now the problem is.
Should i stay by the nick "theiceangel" or use my name "estherxie" ?

I would very much rather people call me my name instead of that stupid nick, but it's really that stupid nick that most people know me by. Some people don't even know my real name wtf.

If i move to "estherxie", will it cause any miscommunication of identity?

Update: Okay, I just went to look at the dashboard of wordpress and I'm really confused by how things work there. I love blogspot's format.... Hate changes! :(

Update2: If i use wordpress, then i cannot use Echo's commenting service liao lor? And and and, how do i export all my entries from blogger to wordpress?? T_______T Why can't blogspot just remain as it is and stop fidgeting around!!!!

Im now wishing blogspot would solve the problem before I convince myself to move to wordpress. Seeing how suay I always am, I'm confirm after I moved nicely to wordpress liao, blogspot would finally solve the problem one. Grrrrr.

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I had wanted to blog about the bento making session i had with my lovely girlfriends, but I woke up late today and I'm now getting ready to go dating with BF, so do come back again another day! :D

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