Sunday, March 14, 2010

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A blogshop that brings in apparels suitable for
BOTH working adults and students!
Do you want to be Flirty cute OR Sophiscated chic today?

Not only do they bring you the latest fashion, they also spare a thought for your pocket by charging reasonably!

I really love some of the designs!

One of the benefits of reading about their blogshop from my blog, is that you'll be able to receive a mystery gift for ANY purchase!!!! Just state "ice-angel" in your orders!

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Theblogshop @ 35 Haji Lane
By: Daphne-rae Lee

Located at one of the hottest spots in Singapore for fashion enthusiasts as well as indie scene kids, Haji Lane has the best quaint little boutiques around for you to go on a shopping spree or to just windowshop.

One of increasingly recognized shops is theblogshop. Through the word-of-mouth, it has attracted various crowds rapidly, from aspiring photographers to fashion-conscious teenagers.

The grand opening of theblogshop at Haji Lane was on August 31st, 2009.

Carrying various well-known blogshop brands, both local and imported goods that are unique and one-of-a-kind, it is no wonder that it became so popular at such a fast rate that even well-known artists from overseas like Green Day and Gwen Stefani decided to pop by for a visit!

Some of merchandise from the blogshops that are carried at theblogshop in Haji Lane includes Angelicious Creations, Tracyeinny as well as MissyPixie.

One might wonder, why bother going all the way down to the boutique when he or she can just shop online?

Well, first of all, you can try on the clothing to make sure it looks perfect on you, instead of ending up with something too big or too small.

Secondly, you just might find a piece of clothing that you chanced upon online but was sold out when you try to purchase them.

Lastly, you can take a look at what other blogshops bring in and check them out online if you like their merchandise!

Theblogshop not only carries clothing, but also bags and shoes, little clutches, earpieces and accessories such as headbands, earrings and necklaces and other interesting knick-knacks. Most of the accessories are handmade and exclusive so you do not have to worry about ending up wearing identical earrings with a stranger.

The many racks of clothing that seem never-ending give you the pleasure to paw through the dainty dresses, elegant tops and adorable bottoms until you find something you will like to try and perhaps buy.

Dressy rompers and mesh skirts, cocktail dresses and floral tops, you can find them all at theblogshop in Haji Lane.

Best of all, these fashionable and trendy clothing are not ridiculously over-priced and are definitely worth your money.

One of the main eye-catchers in theblogshop is the set of pretty and colourful cameras that attract the attention of camera-collectors, camwhores or just people who like adorable things.

The cameras that are available include the Holga 135BCTRL series, the Holga 120GCFN series, the Holga 120GTLR series and the Holga fisheye viewer that you can attach to your camera.

Also available are the Robot 3 camera that takes 3 shots in row on a picture, and the Action 4 that takes 4 shots in a row on a picture.

The Blackbird, fly, a very unique twin-lens reflex camera, can take pictures in standard 35mm film format as well as a square formats using a different mask which comes with the camera.

There are also many more kinds of cameras available such as the Eximus and Kumagin. If you love taking pictures, you will love these cameras and their unique designs.

Another eye-catcher in theblogshop is the appealing display of poker cards, chips, dice, Casino game layouts and even card shufflers. The decks of cards range from vintage-looking ones to adorable neon pink ones. There are even miniature poker cards available!

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