Friday, March 12, 2010

The Jack Neo Scandal.

For those who have no idea what it is all about, go google okay. I tried to find afew links to list but there's really too many reports about him already I don't know how to summarise for you all.

I've been following the news ever since that night it broke out. My boss was reading the newspapers at the counter about this news, and i was peeping. I bought the chinese newspapers the next day, which i don't usually buy, just because I was kaypoh.

I was curious, because the main man in this scandal is Jack Neo. Unbelievable right.

From that day onwards, ALL the headlines on ALL the different newspapers were about him. I bought 2 of the newspapers and then stopped buying the rest cos all held the same information.

There's actually really nothing much for us to talk about regarding his affair. (Today's TNP is really ridiculous. The first 3 or 4 articles were all the SAME TOPIC, SAME VIEWS, SAME DESCRIPTION of the press conference. The only difference is probably just different writers. What's the point of repeating again and again over afew pages? It's not like there are varying opinions, just choose one best article to publish lah! )

I can only say, I think that Jackneo was too greedy and careless in handling the affair and WendyChong was probably too naive (given the benefit of doubt that she sincerely fell in love with Jackneo and not actually for fame).

I had more to say about the wife, Irene Kng.

I was shocked by her reaction. While most women would turn hysterical upon finding out that their husbands had been cheating on them, I admire her for being calm. I admire her even more for being able to forgive him.

If my future husband is to ever cheat on me, I might give him a second chance if i really love him and he showed that he was remorseful and trying all means to chase me back, but i would definitely not forgive him as easily as Irene did.

(I once had a bf who cheated on me, but was also truthful about it to me. I stupidly told him i don't mind being the second one. I've eventually learnt not to be so stupid, and also subsequently ended up cheating on other boyfriends myself - and I hurt them by being truthful about it as well. Of course, i didn't understand the true meaning of relationships back then and was too easily tempted by grasses being greener on the other side. I've a new perspective of relationships now and I do hope i wont be cheating in any of my relationships anymore.)

I would break down if i was Irene, upon hearing one girl after another girl claiming that her husband had hit on them. Who knows how many more?

Although i admire her graciousness, I felt that her actions might be misleading for many men.

She said this "aren't all men like this?".
It gives other men the impression that it's OKAY to cheat on your wife! In the future if we throw up a big fuss over our husbands cheating, our husbands would probably say: "You are so not understanding! Learn from Irene Kng can, see she so gracious, not like you!"

Well, i guess we should all feel happy for Jackneo that his wife is such a gracious, understanding and forgiving woman. If his wife is not fuming over it, why should we all?

Now I'm curious about whether Tiger Woods or Jack Neo would gain back their image from their fans faster.

I watched 'Being Human' with bf and we both loved the show! It was lighthearted and really hilarious. I do hope jackneo would not let this affect his movie making career. it'll be a pity if there are no more new productions by him anymore!

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