Friday, March 26, 2010


First of all, a trip to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients! Remember to plan your shopping list beforehand so that you can find everything you need faster and avoid buying unnecessary purchases. Trust me, you'll be very tempted! You would think that you need it but in the end you won't use it.

Bought the cheapest brands that we could find. That's Germain and Fiona choosing the cheapest and best carrots (tip: buy wide and thick ones instead of long and thin ones so that you can cut patterns out of them).

I have absolutely no idea why we were at the baby powder section.

Me picking the prawns. Picking smaller prawns so that it'll be cheaper! It doesn't matter cos I'm not the one eating the bento. If you want you can choose bigger prawns for yourself. hahaha. Actually I don't think you NEED to have big prawns cos to me, Bento-making is just about the aesthetics.

Back at Fiona's kitchen. Her mum was grumbling about how messy we girls are. Hee.

After skinning and boiling the vegetables, we started cutting up. For hygiene purposes, use a chopper board for raw food, and another board for cooked food. If you mix raw food and cooked food together, might get contaminated and cause food poisoning. As clearly shown in the picture below, we totally forgot our hygiene.

If the guys had seen how we did our bentos, I'm sure they wouldn't have dared to eat them. I have never eaten any of the bentos I done by myself. Haha, but i know it's good because SX says it's good. Or maybe he's just "yingchou"-ing me.

Making bentos look so easy but actually it is really tedious. Well, Germain, Fiona and I agree on this. Especially when you are making 4.

This is Fiona and Germain respectively frying the prawns and hotdogs. I don't think I did any frying that day. I was basically just giving instructions and doing nothing. Lol.

We did two kinds of prawns.
First, heat the oil on the pan and add chopped garlic and onions afterwards. When there is a fragrance and onions turn slightly brown, throw in the prawns (marinate them with soysauce, salt, sugar, & very little dark sauce beforehand). Add Huatiaowine if you have. Prawns get cooked easily, so when you see the colour change it's time to take time out.

To make chilli prawns, just do the same and add chilli sauce (mcdonalds packet chilli also can).

We also fried hotdogs and chicken patties.
Remember to cook rice as well! We totally forgot about the rice till towards the end.

Time to assemble!

See the top right corner of the chopping board? Those are hotdog, cucumber, carrot and potato cubes connected together with toothpicks. These are sort-of skewers. They add colour to the bento! (Always remember to buy ingredients that have different colours! A colourful bento is always better looking than a dull brown coloured one.)

My bento is ready!! Use a bento belt to secure the box.

Sliced hotdogs all around as "fences", heartshaped rice, rabbitshaped meat patties, a hardboiled egg, some broccoli and several flowers made using potatoes and carrots. Try to squeeze more food inside the box and avoid having spaces, so that when you slant the box slightly it doesn't affect the position of the various food.

The following were done by Germain and Fiona.

I helped a little for this one! Especially that broccoli-hair piece of face. Lol. Doesn't the face cheer you up??

They both scared that the bento box so small, would not be filling enough so they were practically throwing everything into the bentobox lor. Haha. For me, I don't care whether it will be full or not. Nice-looking can already! Hahaha so superficial.

Organise a bento-making day with your girlfriends too! Quite time-consuming and tiring but fun!

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