Wednesday, March 10, 2010


To be honest, I had no idea what this NOISE SG thing was all about before I attended the event =X But now i know! It was an eye-opener for me. I never knew that Singapore had so many youth talents!

A summarised explanation for those who also didn't know:

It was interesting to walk around, seeing mockups of the environment artists work in.

There were incredible works by different artists all around. Some in forms of 2D pictures....

Some on shoes, bags and clothes. Art doesn't have to be only on the form of paper.

Some of the artists themselves came to talk about their beautiful pieces.

There were colouring tables for us visitors to create art on. So Fun!

Titbits for inspirations. Lol.

I'm busy colouring!

My colourful art piece!

And a self-designed coaster in relation to the event.

I got to know some new people too!

Here's a photo with Raine. Came together with Sheylara and Raine but Sheylara was so busy fluttering around getting information for her advertorial that I couldn't camwhore much with her!

Benjamin and Randy came along later, and we all waited for them to have late dinner! Was a fun night gossiping with the two guys, raine, elise and their friend!

Psst.... I was actually there on the first day, but by the time i blogged about this the event is over!!! :( I promise to blog these things earlier next time so that you all can also go view the marvelous artworks yourself okay!

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