Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Was invited there to explore the place and also know more about it!

It's is very relevant to me currently because i just ended poly life! I don't intend to get a degree immediately, but maybe one day when i want to go back studying i can consider PSB academy!

It is actually a school, offering further studies after secondary school, poly or JCs. It has been around for a long time, thus reliable, and has offices around the world!

One of its partner universities is The University of Newcastle, Australia (UoN). Located in Tiong Bahru, it is only a few steps away from the MRT station! How convenient.

Cafe and bookshop.

When they introduced me about the courses, I can totally imagine myself taking this route 3 years ago!!!

The courses are accelerated, so diploma is 1 year instead of 3 years, and degree is 2 years instead of 3-4 years. Which means, if i had taken the course here instead of my current choice, i would be graduating with a Degree now instead of a Diploma! It made me feel like i wasted 2 of my precious years :(

The school terms are by Trimester instead of Semester. Less stress!
I attended one of the lessons in Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations and Journalism) to experience the studying life there. -- I was studying this for my diploma too!

For this course, there are no grand exams to take but they have occasional tests. Hurray! The attendance requirement is 75% and you’ll need to get good grades for all assignments in order to get an overall pass for each module! I think that it is very suitable for me, because I'm able to do it better when it's not under 'exams mode'.

I was told that the lecturers are engaged from outside and usually working professionals. There are also University lecturers. They also use online learning, and each student has a reflection blog of their own (in the particular module i attended). It'll be about their reflections and thoughts, for the lecturer to read about. 25% of grade!

A basic day is a 1 hour lecture in the morning, and 2 hour tutorial in the afternoon *depending on module, but around there. They also have a 4 day a week lesson schedule! With such a great timing, you have more time to revise and get better grades :)

This is the student hub, like a point for people to gather and revise together. Also used for events and functions such as Flea markets and performances!

See, it looks like private room with all the dividers!

Other than academic, there are also facilities like basketball court and gym.

There is an honours year on offer, and internships are available for full-time students too.

There’s also a preview session on the full-time programmes study options on 23rd March at 7pm. Click here to register. Interested parties can come and find out more about the programmes, in this case the University of Newcastle Full-time bachelor’s. It’s free and you can bring your parents along too!

You can check out this link for more information too:

View this video featuring one of the Singapore Communication student working on a project for Beijing Olympics.

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