Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rude Email

This happened quite some time back, but I suddenly remembered and decided to blog about it.

I received this email some time back.

Hi Esther,
Just wondering if you are interested in getting sponsorship on ______ services by us?

Totally lacked of PR skills, but I'm okay with that. They are not a PR agency anyway, thus forgivable.

I replied with enquiries about the sponsorship they are offering.

No replies.
After about a week, they finally replied.

Hi Esther,
Sorry dear, sponsorship got taken up.
Will look upon you when there is another chance.
Best Regards

How rude is that?
If you intend to choose one blogger among many others, state it in your first email. And "sponsorship got taken up" is a very bad excuse. It's not like you said "it is first come first serve". You asked if I was interested to get sponsorship. NOT asked if I was interested to be one of the few bloggers to let you all chosen from. That's not all, and it's obvious enough without the need for me to explain more.

Unless you are a top or famous brand that I'm eager about, this will only leave a very very bad impression on the bloggers you approached.

This may be a petty incident, but it's just one of the smallest mistakes establishments make while trying to do marketing with bloggers.

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