Sunday, May 9, 2010

How I celebrated bday for SX

It's always difficult to plan for our special occasions. Because we try to do special things all the time at the start of our relationship, there seems to be not much things left to do in Singapore as time pass.

I was already planning for his birthday way before a month ago. Mum say I siao. Lol. This is sincerity okay.

I found this italian restaurant at Tanjong Pagar Road, Capricci, by chance. Read reviews about it online, and realised their selling star is more of their service. I particularly liked how the owner puts alot of passion into making their customers happy.

Because I wanted to make it more special and not just a usual dining date, I emailed the owner of Capricci beforehand. I arranged for some special arrangements, and also customised my own menu to fit into the likes of SX and me. The owner was very accomodating!

On the day itself, SX came to fetch me off work. I lied to him that I forgot to bring his present, so he'll have to drop by my house later. I led him to the restaurant, much to his anticipation.

The lights in this restaurant are dimmer at dinner time, so opt for evening instead of lunch if you are looking for a romantic date.

Because I'm using nightmode, it looks kinda bright in the pics but it was quite dark inside. Very nice ambience, SX was impressed! We sat next to a room divider disguised as a window perch with curtains. Nice.

(If you are in a group of 4-6, you can opt for a private room, which is actually a wine cellar)

Birthday boy here:
( Tsk, he's wearing the same shirt as the time we celebrated Valentines at another great dinner date recommendation Suburbia!)

Bread. Not the best, but acceptable.

Our orders were messed up at first but the owner was very eager to help us change :)

SX had red wine while I asked for regular juice as I'm not a fan of alcohol.

I had prepared for the staff to present SX with a gift (which I brought to the shop earlier on), upon serving of every course. (4 gifts in total)

1st course: I'm not sure what's on the shell, but the prawn wrapped with crispy pork belly on the left was great. Order it if you go there!

Upon serving of this dish, the staff gave SX his first gift package. He was totally surprised! Haha he ask me is the restaurant give or I give one. Lol. Of course me luh! First present was a black long sleeve blouse that he could use for work.

2nd course: Our seafood soup was very filling. A generous portion of yummy prawns, fish, sotong and clams. It was very tasty too!

2nd gift was a white blouse for work too. At this point, SX said excitedly "later sure got more presents right? All blouses ah? Haha". I said, "No more luh."

SX had pork loin as main, while I had lamb rack. Both were good.

For this course, he received another present from me, presented by the staff again! A pierre cardin pen with his name carved on it. I think he likes it. Haha.

Then came desserts!

Besides the birthday cake, we both had an extra dessert as well.

Then the last present came to him. A scrapbook of our memories. Not very well done though, like kindergarden kid work. Lol. He was very touched by this one. Hehe ^^

The owner was very friendly, and he also cared to ask if the aircon was too cold. Not only he adjust the temperature, he also borrowed the shawl of his daughter for me!

I still think it's a good idea to let the staff present your gift to him than giving it to him yourself. Got element of surprise more memorable!

Our total bill was $***++, but definitely cheaper than most more established fine dining places. If you are on a budget yet still want to enjoy the ambience, they also have the $39++ per pax 3 course set dinner :)

If you are still looking for a place to please your date, don't mind trying out Capricci? :)

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