Saturday, May 22, 2010

Affordable place for dinner dates :)

It was a belated Mother Day's Celebration for mum.

Instead of buying gold and handbags for her, which she always request for on special occasions, I decided to make it a little different this year. I think she has too many bags liao, cannot feed her addiction or else if she got no more space in her already-very-big-and-very-full wardrobe, she'll come occupy MY already-very-small-and-very-full wardrobe. Tsk.

My 2nd time at Dozo.

These crispy sticks are for us to munch on while waiting for the food. Looks like a table piece deco instead!

And some mango ice to wash our stomachs. It's really refreshing.

My favourite dish has to be the chef's seasonal assorted platter, which came first. 3 different tasting portion on a long platter.
We were guided to eat the scallop first. I loved the scallop!!!

Next was foie gras. This tasted like sweet sauce.

And this, the salmon was unbelievably good. I was giving the "OMGITISSUPERNICE" face to mum. hahaha.

For appetizer, mum tried the
Gratinated escargots topped with yuzu butter.
I also tried a bite! First time in my life i tasted a snail!

I had the safer option, which is Foie gras chawanmushi topped with black truffle slice.

Their recommended soup was:
Infusion of cepes mushroom and truffle. It's thick and creamy, the way I like it.

I had the Crab bisque. Good too. But I think half the cup was foam, cos I was taking pics of mum's mushroom soup and when I wanted to take pics of my own soup, mum exclaimed "how come left half only?!" Eerie. Lol.

Baked Atlantic cod fillet on puff pastry.
I had this as my main course. I like the rice and the taste of the fish but it was abit too tough.

Beef tenderloin on 'pu-ye' & granite hot stone.
Mum says that this is the best beef chop she has ever had.

Iced mallow apple melody.

Iced fruity refresher. I really liked the teapot! There are also little cubes of fruits inside.

Freshly baked warm chocolate cake served with icecream. I cannot stop loving chocolate lava cakes.

French cream cheese cake. It was just like how both of us liked it to be, creamy and rich in cheese.

Ending off with a picture of me and mum!

Valley Point Shopping Centre
491 River Valley Road #02-02/03
Singapore 248371
(65) 6838 6966

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