Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The one magical toolset to flawless makeup

I talked about Beautysplash's new brush sets a month ago and I received it in my hands already!

The cool glossy clutch I'm holding in the picture above is the Black Deluxe Reptile Set that has 15 brushes in total.

I never knew why we need so many different makeup brushes until I received it! I went to research about makeup brushes in other websites and now I'll share some of these information with you! You can read part 1 of the brush info here: LINK

This is a chart i found from google to help you identify what brush is for what use:

There is also the eyebrow comb in the set as well.

If you use these brushes correctly, you could be on your way to a perfectly madeup flawless face!

They also have another brush set that has 22 pieces!!!! Go check it out here:

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