Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daddy's Bday last month!

Our family always make it a point to buy presents and celebrate each other's birthday. Dad had to work on that day, so Mum brought me and sis out to walk around first.

I wore this floral romper out. I'm so in love with this comfy piece! I'm definitely going to wear it out often. It was sponsored by and they have a banner on top of my entries too! You can get the floral romper I'm wearing in various shades.

I have no idea why the picture looks so blur.

While waiting for dad to end work, we had some snacks at KimGary.

We had french toast, peanut butter toast (which tasted the same as the peanut butter bread I make at home just that because it's warm, it tastes better), and pork cutlet.

After dad reached, we went off to have dinner!

One of my favourite chinese restaurants has got to be Dian Xiao Er, apart from DinTaiFung and Soup Restaurant.

Their roasted duck in herbal sauce just leaves you wanting more.

The lotus root soup we had was splendid.

The sliced fish was awesome.

First time eating one of their specialties - Dong Po Meat, but it left me disappointed. Perhaps it wasn't up to standard that particular night.

Hate veggy stems. Why can't it just be leaves?

I don't eat brocolli, but the sauce with the mushroom was great to match with rice.

We went home and had this cheesecake which is more of minty cream than cake -.-

I know this kind of entries are boring to you, but I still want to write them down so that these memories will be re-liven when I reread my archives :)

My mum always remind us that me and sis are lucky children, because not many other children have a family life as us. We have family days every week, although it's lesser now cos I have other commitments :(

When I was in primary and secondary school, many of my classmates do not celebrate birthdays with their family. However, I was fortunate enough to ALWAYS be able to celebrate it with a cake and my family without fail since I was one year old. Like I said earlier in this entry, we always receive gifts from each other during birthdays.

I feel that I have a above average knitted family relationship. We don't say verbal "i love yous" nor hug each other unless when playing, but I did remember kissing my parents good night all the time when I was younger. Left cheek, right cheek, sometimes forehead. Haha. It was until puberty stage when we decided it was slightly inappropriate to kiss or hold the hands of a father. Or maybe I became shy. Lol. My sis is still all cuddly towards my father though.

We try to go on overseas trips at least once a year (I know how hard daddy saved up for these trips!), go shopping together, have dinners together (I know of families who eat separately on their own tables), and sometimes go for recreational activities by going to animal farms, swimming (more like splashing around in the water), and beach for flying kites, cycling, etc.

I pledge to spend more time with my family this year, by trying not to attend events during family days, and going home for dinner more. Although this also means I have to wash dishes (which I really don't like doing).

I'm writing all this because I found out about the

Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit

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