Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Journey to the Ball.

I was having 3-coloured hair for too long. It was black at the top, dark brown in the middle and golden at the bottom, due to multiple hair dyes over the years. I've been whining about how ugly it looks but never got around to doing anything about it until a few days ago!

I bought this hairdye.

As the box was misplaced at the shop, I thought I was buying Milktea beige as stated on the rack label, but actually I took Gold Brown. Nevertheless, I LOVE my hair colour now. I think it suits me great! You can see my new hair in the photos in this entry.

However, the bottom strands that used to be gold are now even lighter than ever :(

Met up with Jayden, Fabian and Raine for Sentosa! All dressed down for the day.
We went into this restaurant at imbiah lookout. I loved the exterior... It is said to be an old house which was previously owned by a british officer.

There is alfresco dining, level 1 and level 2.

I actually liked the classic furnishings of their dining area. However, the whole building does feel kinda old.

Our soup took quite long to arrive, and we were grumbling cos we are all extremely hungry! However I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. The mushroom soup that me and Jayden had was thick, buttery and pleasing in taste - well, at least I felt that way. Hate bland mushroom soup served in most restaurants!

Fabian had the beef broth; I don't know how it tastes though, cos I don't eat beef.

Raine's french onion soup with cheese. I tastes something like chinese food. NICEY.

Raine had red wine beef as main course.

Jayden had the beer battered fish n chips which he felt wasn't all that good. Although the fish was quite big in size, the chips were lacking.

Me and Fabian loved our grilled fish. Order this if you are going to this restaurant! Side veggies are so wasteful for me because I don't eat sides. I hate raw veggies and any veggie that isn't chinesely-cooked. Same goes for raw tomatoes. I wish I could tell all the other restaurants in the future to not put veggies on my plate because it won't be eaten anyway and hopefully they will give me one more piece of fish. Hee.

Buffalo Wings, which were supposed to be our appetizer, came after we all tucked into our main. There were 4 levels of spiciness and we got the first level. It wasn't even spicy at all. Not even a tinge of it. I only tasted prawn paste throughout.

I'm obviously quite happy with my meal haha.

After dinner we decided to head over to explore resorts world, as I've never been there!

I can do the camwhore-while-walking-thing very well!!

Jayden was fascinated by this thing but I no depth one I don't know what is this long-legged elephant thing.

But I was very fascinated by the escalators that go down to the casino! I liked the lights and how everything was so tunnel-ish. It felt like I was in another world! When I went down it was this blue light flying across. When I went back up, it was red meteor stones flying! When I exited this tunnel I looked down again and it was a blue aquarium with fishes! Aiya I don't know how to explain you go down see yourself.

It felt so magical I feel like a child~

We finally nearing the casino liao! I think the ceilings very nice. The posters at the side look like cinema lobby lol.

Blurry picture of me with Raine!

Finally I see how our Casino look like. The entrance looks totally different from the Genting one. This one is like Mrt ezlink gate/airport counters. Haha.

Left the casino and went through that awesome tunnel again.

In the hallway of atas shops!

Couldn't find any washrooms and when we found one, the signboard was huge.

YAY WE REACHED THE UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!! Have to take picture. Just like how almost every single blog I went to that had been to Universal Studios would have a classic picture of the blogger with the ball. haha.


I was so afraid of passing my camera to a stranger to take picture for us!! I scared later like MrBean lydat take my camera run. T_T

Just as I was looking around for someone who looks nerdy/innocent/blur to take pictures for us, a group of aunties asked us to take pictures for them. Okay, and of course they had to return the favour :D

Took photos with a huge hershey bar but I don't look good there and I'm lazy to photoshop today so I might as well not post the picture up.

Oh look. Jayden exposed his PINK G-cups at the Hershey's store. His expression was used so appropriately. Haha.

Craving for lava cake, so we dropped by Chili's next door.

Photo of me and Raine!

Raine's beef soup which was more like sauce than soup.

But luckily the warm molten chocolate cake was heavenly. There was abundance of chocolate lava inside! This with the big scoop of ice cream (with a frozen layer of chocolate) costs $17, but it's so big, you ought to share it. As much as I would rather eat all on my own, I don't want to risk a sorethroat the next day.

The brownie was okay, but in comparison with the above cake, this one just shouts "blah".

Oh and those flabby arms you see here are the exact reason why you didn't see me in sleeveless clothes for quite afew months. But I'm glad I wore sleeveless that day cos it was totally hot and humid in Sentosa. My sweat glands were practically working every single minute...

And yep, this blog entry pretty much sums up our journey to that universal ball just to take picture. After we took the picture we were like "oh our mission is done, now what?". Lol.

And no, the purpose of the trip to Sentosa was supposedly just to have lunch. The whole ball nonsense came after. I wouldn't travel so far for such a lame purpose of taking a pic with a ball! But I'm glad everything turned out kinda fun. It felt like a super-short getaway from Singapore!

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