Friday, September 2, 2011

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Met up with Isaac some time ago. Had thai food at Far East Plaza basement. Not very nice though. Have you all tried it? Is it usually nicer?

Isaac always have unique shoes!

Polkadot Pink Dress from
I have the green version too! Show you all another time.

Did my nails at Far East Plaza Millys before meeting them. Gold base, black streaks and crystals!

Met with Vanessa at Cold Stone Creamery.

We all sat there waiting for Benjamin to arrive so that we can have our dinner! The one I have in the above pic is Isaac's. Mine's the mini one! I don't know how people can eat so much icecream at one go. I can't even finish my mini one...

Benjamin finally arrived and we headed to this Japanese restaurant at Cuppage because Vanessa wants to eat Ramen.

The service is bad but the ramen is good. I'd probably go there again...

This is Isaac's. The soup is great! I forgot what he ordered already though. Gotta ask him again.

The chawanmushi was awesome too.

Mine was chicken ramen. The egg is so good I wish there was two~

Afterwards we walked around and chat at paragon. Was a long time since I went to orchard except to Cineleisure to watch movies!

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