Sunday, September 4, 2011

Steamboat & Dessert

Told bf that I was craving for steamboat and he suggested the stretch of food places along outram road. We walked past there many times and there are several steamboat restaurants next to each other.

When I reached there I told him I felt cheated lor. I wanted BBQ steamboat, not soupy steamboat! Haha. There is no bbq steamboat there. Plus the variety super little.

This pic looks kena disgusting right. Haha. Didn't feel that way when we were eating though.

After eating, we went to the value store next door and bought some stuff. Got alot of useless household stuff (don't even remember where I placed them now haha) since they are all very cheap. SX bought air freshener for his room and we sniffed the different flavors and decided on citrus. Reminds me of my dad's car when I was younger. Bought cheap wet tissues, dry tissues, etc. Lol. We were given two free baskets for our purchases... Got a pink and a blue one!

Wanted to have mango snow ice so we walked the streets aimlessly in search for a dessert store. Kinda like walking like this with him... :)

Finally found a little store selling mango dessert! Not snow ice but I already gave up by then haha.

This is his! His first time trying it :)

My substitute for mango snow ice.... Mango Pomelo Sago!

Was a nice simple date ^^

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