Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going Demure

Not something I would usually wear out.... Love the pearls on the shoulder!

Top is from MissQueenie and pants from TheBlogShop.

When I was still a young teenage girl, I see those office girls dressing up in office clothings and thought that when I grow up, I'll eventually dress that way too.

Years passed, I graduated and I have been working in offices for more than a year. Perhaps the industry I've been dabbling in always revolved around entertainment and design, so my office dresscode had never been strict. I still wear mini dresses, bright colors or slippers to work.

I don't think I can ever be comfortable in business suits, black knee-length skirts, plain black covered pumps and collared button down blouses. So boring! I don't even wear pants usually... Haha. Something is just so troublesome about wearing them (the part where you have to put in your legs further), as compared to shorts.

I wonder when I would transform into a real adult, stop wearing these sunny dresses and start wearing womanly ones.. Haha.

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