Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eating Habits

Sorry for the string of adverts recently. It's just the CNY period and everyone chose these few days to advertise their blogshop to do some final sales.

Nevertheless, I've been quite busy these few days as well with my personal life, and I'm sure after this string of adverts, I'd have more things to blog about!!

I promise to blog more normal entries okay!

I was sick the past few days and had to forbid myself from eating my favourite fried chicken :( I was totally craving for it but I just had to force myself to eat bland stuff like Yong Tau Foo and Congee and Wanton Soup. Boring!! I even ate all the vegetable stems in my soup for health (usually I only like leafy veggies). Last night I finally succumbed to it and had fried chicken. Heh.

I miss my Double McSpicy!
I'm not sure if I've said this before, but I love to have it plain (no veggies, no cream). Then I just eat the meat without the bread. Hehehe. Very expensive if you count, I'm paying so much for 2 piece of meat which won't get my full if not for the side fries.

My favourite breakfast from Mcdonalds is their $2.50 meal (besides big breakfast)!! I love their coffee, it's so aromatic. I put in 4 packets of sugar and 4 packets of creamer. Then I add extra cheese to the burger (omg Mcdonalds' cheese is heavenly!!!). Sinful!

I don't really like to eat Cai Fan. But I like to eat Zhi Char though. Guess I just don't like cold meat and sticky crumbled wet rice. I realised that alot of male friends I know loves to eat soft rice and soggy instant noodles and soggy french fries. Why!! Where got nice! I like to eat dry and hard rice (not too hard lah of course), instant noodles before it turns soggy, and crispy french fries.

That day we went to that yummy western stall at Hougang again. It's near Hougang mrt. Just walk and walk till you find the food court called FoodPark or something like that.

At $9, I got to eat mixed grill of porkchop, chickenchop and lambchop! Supposed to come with steak as well but I don't eat beef. Sides are beans and potato but I don't like beans so I changed it to fries.

Super nice! But don't wear white dress to eat okay, because when it just arrive on your table the sizzling is so massive that just one second of putting your face near it you can feel your pores opening wide and absorbing the dirty oil.

This picture was after the sizzling cos I don't want my camera lens to kena smoke.

As I said, don't wear white to eat this. My bf is a bad example.

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