Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Xmas Date

Xmas Date

For lunch, we went to Ajisen as I was craving for it since a long time back. Oh yum yums, my chashu ramen!! Absolutely love their ramen & soup. Chicken wing was good as well!

We watched Hello Stranger after that. It's very funny! Really an enjoyable and lighthearted movie... If it's still screening, I recommend you to watch it!

We took neoprints ^^

This machine is not that good if you have side fringe! It automatically 'enlarge' and 'darken' your eyes de. You see this picture, my eyes black until so kua zhang!!

And then this picture, part of my fringe covered it so it didn't detect the eye so one eye got effect one eye don't have!

Love these two pictures~ But blur... I wish I could find a good scanner for all my neoprints.

Another picture where they can't detect my eye. Look damn stupid lor, that's why I added the ribbon to cover up.

Time for dinner! We randomly chose a little restaurant at Orchard. There was outdoor seating but we chose inside.

This is our starter. 3-in-1 combi. There is cream puff, apple salad, and chilli prawns with tomato. I was only interested in the prawns... They gave plenty, which was good!

They call this the Christmas soup. Haha. It tasted like egg & water, but feels very homemade so I think maybe that's why it was named that way.

The very nice chef offered to take a picture for us :)

This was our first main course. It's a ham&mushroom-wrap with loads of cheese. Would love it more if the portion wasn't so big. Was honestly abit sick of the cheese afterwards even though I love cheese.

I like our 2nd main course better! Turkey with potatoes. The turkey and its sauce was good! Just the right taste.

It was then time for desserts. My cake tasted a little sour so I exchanged with SX (lol), but his one tasted super bitter. I thought that maybe my cake spoilt thats why sour, but SX said that maybe both spoil, cos both tasted wrong. Hahaha. Nth happened to us afterwards though... Maybe the kitchen staff accidently splattered some sour juice on one of the cake and forgot to put sugar in the other one.

Coffee Tea or Me.

SX is red like lobster cos he had two servings of wine. Hahaha. I seriously cannot go beyond afew sips!

He bought me a present! So paisei cos I didn't get anything from him~~

This paper bag got special reason de! From what he said... The one on the sofa is him with Bobo, side is me with Bubu, and the little one holding a bunch of balloons is Bibi... Hahah so coincidential, really look like lei! Bobo really very fat and bubu is small small with gong-face like that lol. Bottom two presents is Bobo and Bubu's cos Bibi already naughtily opened up hers, which is the bunch of balloons. Lol. *shenjingbing*

Two little bears which he say one is him and one is me!

I wore toga dress 'Dasher' sponsored by Polkadotpigs :) Perfect for a date with the bf! It's not often that I dress up to meet him, so I felt it was appropriate for Xmas... Many other beautiful dresses, do check out the site!

MillyWalker's first collection for 2011 is also up!

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