Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surprise Bday Celebration

Surprise Birthday Celebration

It was all planned via BBM. Haha. Jacelyn's boyfriend suggested giving her a surprise, and she was clueless about it because she had no idea he had me and Nadia on his BBM list!

And so.... It was a success!

Jacelyn's boyfriend made reservations for a table in Ma Maison. Lovely restaurant with an ambience I like. 2nd time here!

We were all waiting for Jacelyn & her bf.
Nadia and Sabrina listening to Fidelis saying something.

Jacelyn's bf buzzed came in and we all got ready.
Look at the 3 girls hiding behind menus. So cute! + got paparazzi camera de!

His "one minute more" became like "at least more than 5 minutes" hahaha.

Waiting waiting~~

Tada! They are here! We captured a video but it's with Nadia.

Escargots. I don't eat Snails!! It reminds me of those laying at the stretch of pathway below my block.

Assorted sausages. I missed the chilli sausages at Barracks :(

Birthday girl pasta.

Heard their beef omu rice nice.

This was the mushroom cream version. Vegetarian de!

I had chicken garlic steak. It's flavourless at first but the more I eat the nicer it becomes. Love the sauce, the taste is just right. Enjoyed my chicken!

Group picture of the girls ^^

& a picture with the birthday girl :)

Don't you think Fidelis looked even sweeter with her long hair extensions from Millys?!~ But I still not used to it! I've been seeing a short hair Fidelis ever since I got to know her.

Chocolate cake!

Make a wish~ Make a wish~ (in tune with the song from F4 hahaha)

I bought the cake from Barcook. Fidelis said it taste great but I think it was too sweet and the chocolate tasted like ferrero rocher. I prefer rich & thick chocolate!

This cute key is what we have to give to the cashier when paying.

Picture with Fidelis.

Lovingly clothed by TheBlogShop!

Me likes Nadia's dress!

Sab Sab!

Brownie & Reddie.

Alright, ending here. Lots of friends bday this few weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to Ben's birthday party and then Nadia's coming right after CNY. Lots of Joy!

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