Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nails for CNY!

Drew this while planning for my CNY nails!

I did gel extensions at Millys again!

This time Gina wasn't free so I had Jenny to do my nails for me. She's fast! Me likes!

Fiona came to do gel extensions too.

So much better to have a friend beside to chat with!

Yes, I'm going for colourful theme this time!

I was damn troublesome lol. They even taught Fiona to say me troublesome in vietnam words.

Fiona's final nails! She was very satisfied with her manicurist! This time both of us chose designs very suitable to our character.

She asked her manicurist to design herself and she did a good job!

And this is mine! Love my ribbons ^^

Right side:

Left side:

This few days at work meetings I kept getting exclaimations about my nails hehehe.

Me love my nails!

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If you like the ribbon romper that I was wearing in this post, you can buy it from ClubCouture! I love it lots!!

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