Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why ah?!

I just came back from the clinic cos I was feeling sick!! I reached there around 10am++ and only finished the whole visit at 12pm++.

Such a waste of time! I bought one newspaper and one magazine halfway through to read cos I was too bored. Imagine sitting on a piece of hard chair doing nothing and listening to noisy children laughing/crying/shouting.

You can survive through it ah? I cannot.

Even with the newspaper and magazine, I had to wait about 30 minutes more with nothing to do. In the end I went to read the wikipedia pages of several celebrities on my hp (thank goodness I have data plan). I skipped the career part and jumped straight to personal life. Lol. I'm kaypoh.

Anyway, I tweeted this:
"Why do the patients before me always spend so long in the doctor's room but mine always last a mere 3 minutes?"


You see I got prescribed so many medicine leh, but the consultation was super fast!
I don't understand why some people can get stuck inside for 30 mins.

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