Friday, January 14, 2011


I was wrong for saying that the drama Breakout was bad. It just happened that the first time I watched it, the episode was a draggy one. I went back to watch it from the start and I'm hooked on it now!!!

I havent finish my episodes because I had a super packed week but I really love the show! I like the storyline, I think the pace is perfectly right and the acting is good! I liked a particular interesting way Jeanette Aw spoke. Damn cool lah! Like all the words join together and very intriguing!

And, I don't feel hate towards the baddies in the show unlike how I would in normal drama! The main baddies in this drama are not the one-demensional flat-downright bad kind (like Robert Zhang in Little Nonya), they are the kind that makes you feel that you understand why they are bad. I think that Tianwei is just bad because he felt betrayed by his friends and ZhenFeng is bad only because he was taught to be that way during his childhood days. I even took a liking to them cos I felt that they did have very strong emotion attachments. They both loved their woman wholeheartedly even after they are long gone, and they both cherished and care for family ties alot.

Anyway, I'm so tired! I've been sleeping late and waking up early to finish some stuff cos my week was so packed I didn't have enough time for everything. Even all my blog entries are pre-scheduled.

After tomorrow's afternoon, I'm going to spend my weekend resting at home and finally relax!!!

Anyway, follow for more frequent and personal updates. I think twitter has ruined blogging. Last time whenever got interesting thoughts during the day, I'd write it in my blog. But now I just key in to twitter and never get onto the drafts of my blog. I think that twitter is a more accurate recording of my daily happenings.

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