Sunday, April 24, 2011

Custom your own accessories!


Guess what arrived in the mail!! Pretty packages of my new customized accessories from Damsels Most Wanted. The accessories were packed safely in these boxes, ensuring that my precious items won't get crushed during postage.

DamselsMostWanted recently launched their D-I-Y custom service and made many different forms of it for me!

I got 3 necklaces and 3 rings for myself.

Anything can be made into a Ring and/or Pendant-Necklace! You may want to use your name, photos, phrases, or images from the internet! Basically, you can make ANY image you want, only limiting to one's creativity and the ring/pendant size.

You can get them to design for you, or just send them pictures like I did!

I input my own picture into the ring haha!

There is a page on their website dedicated to this type of Customizations. Find more info:

And because YOU are the one designing the ring/pendant, it'll be the ONE AND ONLY in the world. You won't see anyone else wearing the same accessory as you. In Singapore currently, DMW is the only one making these ring/pendants in such a high volume and opening for customizations.

The customization process was really fun and easy. Not troublesome at all! Just submit your desired image and tell them if you have any specific instructions, then they'll send you a sample before creating the item!

The ring band and the round/square frame are welded together, not glued together. Also, silver color rings are platina-plated/sterling silver thus it will not rust or change color for a long time. They then finish all rings with a jewelry-grade wax polish. This ensures the quality of your accessory!

Artwork will be hand-sealed by them into the ring/pendant frame by layers of protective coat and resin. Lead time will be around 1 to 2 weeks.

They also made one more Rilakkuma pendant in brass. These pendants are interchangeable with different chains, and it's very easy to do so! You can jsut customize pendants if you already have your own chains, or you can get 2-3 pendant designs + 1 chain!

My Rilakkuma wearing Rilakkuma necklace! Hehe. So cute!

They have different kinds and lengths for chain.

I got an idea! Mother's Day is coming and you are racking your brains on what to get for your mum? Maybe you can customise a rose ring? Or maybe a necklace with "I Love Mum" or her picture!

*Quote IceAngel2011 for a $2 discount per customization order! This discount will end 2 weeks after today :)

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