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The sorting out, selecting, uploading and copying the html codes part was so tedious im glad im done! *wipes sweat*

I kept kena distracted by the other more interesting reads on the net, im taking forever to complete this post. lol.

Lets start with the start of the journey! Woke up at 4am to catch the coach. (i slept at 2am the previous night!!)

I love the coach that mum has been chosing for the past few times we went to Genting. Personal tv with games and movies. I love it that i can watch at least 3-4 movies that i havent watch. It's a long journey and i dont want to waste my time looking at windows throughout the ride!

I watched the horror movie "Coffin" and i so regret watching it. Got some scary parts i almost wanted to give up watching it halfway but that would be too wasted so i continued on. Plot was okay, except that the speed of the movie was quite draggy. I watched "Look for a star" too, casted by Shuqi and Andy lau. I like the movie!! I love hongkong movies.

On the journey back home i watched another two movies. "My girlfriend is a cyborg", this show is damn nice lor!!! Very touching and i love the story plot. You all must go rent the dvd and watch also.

After that i watched "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". So cute!! The chihuahua's spoilt but naive attitude reminds me of Paris Hilton. heh.

We stopped at this flies infested canteen for lunch. Super disgusting!! There were flies everywhere, dead and alive. On the floor, on the tables, etc. See already also no appetite. I've never seen so much flies at a place before. The people there should really do something about it.

Up the mountain! I dont like going up and down the mountain cos it's very dangerous and im a worrywart.

We finally reached! Had to get a queue number to get our hotel keys. Guess what? As you can see from the piece of paper below, we are queue number 7180, and the number they are currently serving is 7035. That's like 145 people before us!! We waited a whole 2 hours. Gosh.

Love our room! It's the first room beside the lift so it feels less spooky!!! I was so worried that we would get an eerie room at the end of the long corridor. Look at how cheery and bright our room is!

Off for dinner! Was starving, so we decided on steamboat buffet. What a bad choice!!!! I would never go there again.

Choices were very limited and i ended up eating only grilled sambal chicken and tunghoon for the whole meal.

Went to shop around and came to this interesting shop! I love these masks!

Christmas carols~

Found lots of pretty hairbands in another shop! Feel like buying them all!!

That sums up DayOne. Yes, half of the day was spent on the travelling and waiting part, tsk.

It's the have-fun day.
Marrybrown for breakfast. I love their chicken. But my favourite Arnold's is still the best.

Sprinkled sugar on the tray. haha.


Out to the theme park!! I wasn't so enthuaistic about the rides this year though, unlike past years where i wanted to try almost all the rides. I think the older i get, the more i know about accidents, the more im unwilling to take the risk. That's a bad thing :(


First ride was the pirate ship! This is one ride i love the most in every amusement park. Amazingly, this is also the ride that im not so afraid of. Hee. Somehow the sturdy feel of the heavy wooden boat makes me feel safe.

This was the ride we waited the longest, because each interval is 10 minutes. But then, it's also one of the most fun thing we played in the amusement park. It's like bumper car, just that it's on water and you get to splash your victim.

While in the queue.

Mum and dad.

That's me! Me and sis exchanged camera for this ride and i was so worried that she would drop my camera into the water!!!!


Daddy and Mum :)

That's me! I love faraway pictures cos i sure look okay in it one!! Haha.

On the train ride and that's the antique car passing us. There was a much longer queue for the antique car ride than the train ride. WHY?!! The antique car ride is so not worth the wait lor. It just chugs chugs chugs slowly and noisily, and you have to smell the stinky gas coming out from the car infront of yours! So much pollution! The train ride is smoother, and serves the same purpose of going around the amusement park.

That's me with mum. Cropped her off cos she think this picture she not pretty.

That's a huge bear!! FATTER than me!!

Time for lunch! Got back indoors for Pizza Hut. The soup there is so diluted.

I love hot and cheesy pizzas. When it turns cold it becomes hard and so difficult to bite.

While queuing for the MotionMaster ride, there were little riddle posters everywhere to entertain us in the queue. There's even a MrBean show to keep us occupied cos the queue was so long! (I dont know why but this year the queues at each ride seems so much longer than the years before)

In the queue with sis.

Flying Dragon. This ride is very popular and usually you would have to wait very long before it comes to your turn, but we are lucky! When we got into the queue, the dragon was stucked on the tracks and many people gave up. Just when more and more people give up and we reached almost the front, the machine starts again! Hohoho. I think the people who gave up after such a long queue are cursing and swearing already. The thrill of this ride is that it feels quite unstable and the tracks are all at a very high height.

The spinner.

Chocolate Wonderland. Perfect for buying gifts! They also teach like how chocolate are made.

We sat afew rounds of MerryGoRound. Haha.

That's when it started to rain heavily and the whole family is stuck on the merry go round (T_T) If it is with boyfriend sure very romantic one lor!!!

We waited for about 15 minutes before running in the rain to the nearest shelter with our hoodies on.

The haze before the rain.

Mum's bubblegum! I dont know how to blog bubblegum lor :( Nobody teach me.

Time for dinner!! As we were walking to this restaurant, we saw many other people drenched much more than us.

I love eating at chinese restaurants. Heh.

Half a chicken.

Ginger and Onion Slice Fish. Yums!

Gong Bao Chicken. Family's favourite.

Sambal Potato Leaves.

Seafood beancurd.

Random Cupcakes.

Hello santa!!! Can my flu be cured before xmas tomorrowwwwwwww? PLEASE?

I saw lotsa santas at Genting. Not the usual Santas. It was SANTA+CAISHENYE put into one man. Damn creative i think.

Bumpercars. Queue was damn long for this as well. There was a group of "ahbengs & ahlians" queueing behind us and for awhile i felt so low esteem because they all very chio =( I also dont like them cos they dont smile one. Act cool lor!!! I would like a pretty girl more if she smiles.

After awhile, thank goodness they left the queue :D:D:D My sis says "they are too cool for bumper cars." in a very stuck up way and that left me laughing like mad. Haha.

(anyway i see alot of pretty girls in Genting that i dont even want to bother putting makeup already lor. Why they all so skinny, have small nose, perfect skin, double eyelids, and pretty pouty lips one!!)

Ferris Wheel. Lucky this one no chiobu queuing behind us. All kids. Haha.

This was taken when i was up on the Ferris Wheel. I thought that it is impossible to feel scared on a Ferris Wheel, but i was wrong. All the while up there i was afraid the grip would loosen and i would drop down (choy!). T_T

View of the Indoor park from above.

Last picture for Day2!!


Made something for bf at this store. Later down the post will let you know what it is!

Time for breakfast! Buffet at the first world cafe. NOT NICE ONE.

And then it was lunchtime!! Haha of course we did some shopping in between breakfast and lunch lah! If not immediately after breakfast meh.

I was so impressed with this restaurant.

Starters. There was a choice of beancurd roll with shrimp dumpling or lambpie with shrimp dumpling.

The beancurd roll was better.

Rice was to be eaten with these. Sweet and sour pork, with mutton.


This yam soup is very nice!!!!

Dessert is this peppermint almond pudding with coconut milk on top. Eat this no need eat mentos/clorets after meal liao cos very refreshing. I love the presentation!

After lunch was Archery!

Daddy concentrating on his arrow.

And me concentrating on mine.

Very tiring!!! Can't imagine how people fight a war with arrows. The part where i position the arrow with the bow is already so slow liao lor, if i fight war, sure kena poke by enemies' arror even before i raise my bow -_-

Wheeeeee!!! My last and final arrow is bullseye!!!

Off for dinner~ This buffet restaurant is the best among all the other buffets available in Genting. There is a wide variety of food from different cultures (e.g. Western, Chinese, Local, Japanese, etc etc). They also provide cooking on the spot.

This is the chinese area. You choose your raw veggies and mushroom, then they will fry it on the spot with garlic. Very nice!

Daddy and his sashimi.

These were some of the fishcake (i think) for the steamboat. Cute right!

The freshly cooked veggies.


Sis and her sushi.

We ate alot more but didn't take pics of everything luh.


Every night i would call BF using the public phone, so throughout the day i have to "collect" coins by buying random thing cos the stores there dont like to exchange their coins with us one. The long distance call was extremely expensive!!!! Like 1 second = 10 cents leh! Then when i talking on the phone i keep panicking and keep putting coins in. Haha. Last 10 seconds are always filled with useless words like "no more credit already byebye! no more credit already byebye!".

On the first day i called back, Bf like never listen to me talk lor, no matter what i say, his reply is "i miss you alot leh". haha.

Then on the 3rd day, when i said i no more credit need to go liao, he keep saying "huh can dont put down the phone anot, talk abit more lei." SIAO!! He think is house phone ah, like telephone free one. Haha.

Arcade time!! I love the genting arcade cos there are so many machines and the collecting tickets part is damn fun. After that can exchange the tickets for little soft toys. Singapore arcades are so boring.

Here's the thing i bought for bf!! A double side printed pillow for him to hug at night!


Same as day1, half the day would actually be the travelling part =(

Bus stopped by this stop for buying local products back home.

I was very kanchiong to go home cos i want to see all the sms that bf sent me! Haha. He say nextime dont allow me to go Genting already cos 4 days cannot see me. Lol.

This year i was kinda bored of Genting already. Everything is the same as previous years. I hope next year we go somewhere else!

The coldest spot in Genting is actually the hotel's bathroom. The floor is so freezing cold in the bathroom and i hate the showering part!!!! The water is either too hot or too cold and the worst part is the part where you are out of the shower naked and trying to wear your clothes part. It's only afew minutes but my teeth were chattering like crazy cos of the coldness. Bui tahan!

Anyway hor, judging from the pictures, you all think my mum or dad more strict? Lol.

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