Thursday, December 31, 2009

X'MAS dinner!

As much as we wanted to have a extravagant romantic candlelight dinner, we didnt have the huge budget for it because afterall, it was almost month end and being the spendthrifts we are, we usually spend almost all our salaries on the first 2 weeks and starve the last 2 weeks of every month (sad).

We decided to have dinner at ClarkeQuay, by the riverside so that it'll still be different from our usual restaurant dinners. When we reached ClarkeQuay and was about to see which restaurant to eat at, the rain came. Hesitated at the shelter for some time before running in the rain with bf.
The rain stopped soon after -.-

Walked from ClarkeQuay to BoatQuay after we didn't find any restaurants to our liking. The stretch of restaurants at BoatQuay is not romantic at all (they sell seafood, zhi char dishes, and not 6course western dinners). However, we got tempted by how near we are to the river and went for the outside seats by the waters.

It was only around 6ish and we were the only customers around. SX drank the red wine, and me, not having the feel to have alcohol, had the mocktail Virgin Sunrise.

We looked down into the waters and there are lots of fishes there! SX was so awed by them. He keep imagining if he have a fishnet there and then, he would surely be able to catch alot home.

The waitress showed us their live crabs and we were tempted by the big claws (is it called claws??). We decided on a messy dinner - yes, chilli crabs. (soooooooo unromantic. lol)

Original price of the crabs are $7 per 100g, which is $70 for a 1kg crab and we had the 1.2kg crab!! Lucky the waitress gave us discount. Their rate is almost twice the market rate lor!

SX wanted sambal kangkong. Their kangkong not nice one.

Seafood beancurd. Not too bad.

Hotplate deermeat.

Guess how much the bill was?? $100++. We could have gone somewhere more romantic to have a western dinner with this amount lor. Haha. The prices here are steeper than outside places cos afterall, it's a tourist attraction location and they want to earn the angmoh's money mah.

And that was how our originally planned romantic western dinner became a normal zhichar meal. Hahaha. But still, eating so near to the river was something different.

After dinner, we walked around and actually wanted to go on the riverboat (13 per pax) to enjoy some breeze, and have shisha ($18) afterwards, but in the end we walked further down and ended up at somewhere more expensive. $60 thai massage. Haha.

The room was dark but i like it this way (better than bright massage rooms). And FML i had to see a female therapist go all over my boyfriend's body. Lucky the girl never luan luan lai. Hmmph.

I told bf that we must go to massage places with male therapists nextime. i want him to see a male therapist go all over my body, for revenge. Lol.

Oh well, of course he dont allow lah.
(so unfair righttttttttttttttt)

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