Saturday, December 12, 2009

For a change, instead of movies and dinner, we decided to go prawning at Pasir Ris Town Park, which is just a bus ride away from my home. i used to go there with my family when i was younger but we stopped doing it for afew years already after each of us started owning our own computers. haha.

Baits available are chicken meat, cockles and live worms. I used the first two and sx used the last one. I dont dare to touch the live worms, much less cutting them into half and poking them with the hook! Even the cockles were already very erxin! I immediately shifted 1 metre away from sx the moment he sat down with a cup of wriggly worms in his hands.

I heard that freshwater prawns are sweeter.

Guess what?
We spent $52, for 2 rods, 2 hours, and caught ZERO PRAWNS!!!!!!!

Sx said that the hook is too big.


At punggol! Took a cab there. The place is damn wulu. From the main road, have to go through a very long stretch of small road to reach there. Without car better dont go there.

Used chicken heart as bait.

Felt like a pro cos it's so easy to catch prawns here! I think they are all sucidal prawns lor! It came smoothly one after the other! But felt damn stupid cos i only know how to catch it but dont dare to unhook it from the hook. Lol. So everytime i manage to catch a prawn, i would shout for sx across the pond and then he would come and help me unhook my prawn and release it into our net :D

We caught more than 10 within around 1 hour!!
BBQing available there for just $2.


The thrill is at the prawning stage, not the eating stage although they are all very fresh.

I totally dont sound like myself in this video lor. Why sound so "deh" one!!! Lol.

Bishan and eastcoast also have prawning but never tried there before. Any one of you have experience? where is quieter, and easier to catch more prawns?

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