Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Before i went to Genting, i was working with SX when suddenly he asked me to close my eyes because he had something to give me. I heard some plastic bag sounds and he shoved the thing into my hands and said "cockroach". I screamed and thought he placed a cockroach into a plastic bag to scare me.

Opened my eyes and saw a pink cushion which has a picture of PreciousThots' bear on it. Didn't take pictures of it, but i loved the surprise! :)

Then when i came back from Genting, he told me he want a third "baby" apart from Bibi and Bobo, and he's gonna name it Bubu (what a bad name right. lol). I wondered why he suddenly say this, and he surprised me yet again with this little bear :)

I think it looks like a boy but he insisted it is a girl -_-
I think nextime if i really have a male baby he also will insist on letting him wear hellokitty dresses lor. Tsk.

The night we got this bear back, i was hugging it on the train when a little girl came up to me and played my Bubu. Haha. For several stops she just kept smiling at me and playing the bear. She took the bear and sat beside me playing with the bear and kissing it. Then she ran back to her father ( who looks ahbengish and young, and was more than 3 metres away, out of sight because of the crowd stepping into the train), and came back with her own softtoy. Then at this moment, someone came in with a babypram and she went to sayang the baby. Lol. Then she turned her attention back to my bear and continued playing it until i had to leave the train at Cityhall. I took back my bear and said goodbye to her. This girl very daring sia, dare to approach strangers in train!!

Mum ask how come he always give me bears one. First, Bibi. Then Bobo. Then the superbig carebear. Then the bear cushion. Then now Bubu. Lol.

I went to this restaurant with sophia awhile back in May, and never did had a chance to go back there again. Most friends prefer the pontian wanton noodles downstairs instead of indian food.

I was alone at fareastplaza (i forgot what i was waiting for), and so i went to this restaurant again. Eateries at fareastplaza are usually crowded, noisy, and not very nicely furnished, but this one is.

Had the chicken soup again. $3 for such a small bowl but worth it cos it's nice :)

The waiter recommended the prawn masala, so i ordered it with butter prata. Turns out good! Plenty of prawns inside! :D

As usual, they give a scoop of free icecream after every meal. How nice of them.

Afterwards, they brought this thing to my table when i asked for the bill. They said it's actually mints, but i left them untouched cos im too chickened to try it. It looks weird!

I just realised some days back that they have a more casual branch at downtown east as well.

Anyway, after a long hiatus, my blogshop finally updated with a small collection!

This lacy toga dress caught my eye! Such a simple yet pretty piece.

Some other pieces for preview.

There's also a toga dress with golden sequins on the strap area!! Support my blogshop okay!


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