Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some Updates of Not-Very-Christmassy
Christmas Photos!

This year christmas celebrated with my boy :)
Just some photos here. haha. i always look wierd when i take photos with him. grrrr. Had loads of fun although i missed the playing of 'snow' at Tanglin Mall when i was a kid.

Orchard Road. I walk along that lane, EVERYDAY. the pretty lights dont look special to me anymore. haha.And this was a random photo i took outside my office building.

Alright, in summary this Christmas:
- i ate half a piece of Christmas Icecream Log Cake
- i exchanged and received presents.

- Fio & hk came to my house and disturbed my peace. lol.
- Santa Claus did not drop into my chimney :(
- i did not take any photo of any SnowMan

Oh well, i shall celebrate countdown to New Year though. haha.

Goodnites! as usual, im sleeeeepy!

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