Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 days before Christmas with Jipaban


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So, it's Christmas time soon! Time flies doesn't it? Well, time flies even faster when you have not done your Christmas gift shopping. Every year the mall gets more crowded as Christmas Day gets nearer round the corner. Perhaps it is because we are all horrible procrastinators and leave everything to the last minute.

This scenario would probably happen:
Days would fly past and you realize you are 12 days to Christmas with nothing to give to your loved ones and then you panic. And then your boss suddenly hands you a huge pile of work just 12 days before Christmas and you think, "Oh no" but that's not the end. You come across my blog and finds out that Jipaban has a next-day delivery option and there's still time to get the presents from the comfort of your home. Not only that, discounts up to 70% for being late in Christmas shopping? That's nice.

Actually my paragraph above is just a filler. The real stuff you should look at is below:

Some of the prices are more than 3 times lesser than the usual price! The deals are amazing!!!

There are all sorts of items suitable for anyone you know. Have you eyed your item? Now that you know the dates, remember to camp in front of your computer the night before to get the item before it gets sold out and if you are too slow, too bad then, you have to go back to squeezing with the crowd at the malls. Haha. With no discounts. Haha.

Meanwhile, checkout Jipaban's Christmas Gift Guide!

Key in 'jpbxmas10' to enjoy 10% discount storewide! HAVE FUN SHOPPING!

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