Friday, December 14, 2012

Lao Bei Jing Restaurant

Went shopping at the new extension of Plaza Singapura with the family awhile back. Watch Ah Boys to Men. Very funny and I really enjoyed the movie! Looking forward to Part 2!

I'm wearing tank top from It's not clear in the photo but it says "I Love Rock N Roll". $12.90 only! Deeply in love with my the outerpiece too. Got it last year or something and glad I didn't give it away. It's such a staple and easily dresses up any outfit! I haven't been dressing up or going out much anyway, would love to have more time to hang out and wear the nice clothes in my wardrobe more often!

For dinner, we chose Lao Bei Jing Restaurant.

It was a good dinner. I love having chinese cuisine at chinese restaurants! Photos:

This dish came last. The photo on the menu looked interesting so we ordered it to try. At first I thought it was a cube of pork belly, with stacks of pork skin on top. It looks like it doesn't it? Haha. I was wondering where they get so many excess skin! But actually, it's a cube of pork belly being cut round and round (or square and square? haha) from the edges to the centre. Then, they supported the middle part with vegetables below to push it up to look like a pyramid. Interesting! It comes with the buns to make it Kong Ba Pau.

Photo with Daddy.

Mum and Sis.

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last week and the whole family had BBQ & steamboat as a celebration. Didn't bother to put on make up or dress up, but we had a good time! If I could have it my way, I'd very much want my life to be eating good food, dating, travelling and vacationing in different countries, dressing up, meeting friends, blogging, watching movies and dramas. That would happen if I strike TOTO!! My parents strike also can! Then we all enjoy life together! Hehe.

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