Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bangkok Jam & Freshness Burger

Actually, while looking at my backlogs to blog, I realize that I have not been doing much except eating and eating and eating. Almost all my upcoming entries are food-related. That's bad. I classify myself under lifestyle blogger but my lifestyle seem to be just eating and eating. Haha. I love food but I don't blog very well about food because the only thing that goes in my mind while eating is "Wah, nice!", "Hmm, average lor." and "Eeee, not nice one. Waste my money tsk!" Lol.

Anyone have any suggestions of what you all want me to blog about? Perhaps maybe something like the "what's in my closet" and "what's in my bag" that I blogged about last time? But I don't have anymore "what's in..." ideas already. What's in my makeup pouch? Nah, boring. It's just the usual few things. What's on my bed? Hmm, can consider. I got many soft toys and they all have their own back story. But I might be labelled crazy after the blog entry. What's in my shoe rack? .... hmm, you all suggest okay! Don't have to be the "What's in my" series. Other ideas are welcomed!

So anyway, it was dating day with bf on one of the weekends and I love my outfit that day! It's this summer florals top from COCCOMOMO and beige scallop hem shorts from LYRAMINN. My photo doesn't really do justice to this pair of shorts. It's so cute! Please go to the link and see if for yourself. Oh ya, as I mentioned before, if you join LYRAMINN's mailing list you get 10% off your purchase! And if you quote "estxie" you get additional 5% off for everything on the website! Means total 15% off every piece. That's not all! Specially for this pair of shorts only, you get 20% off in total by quoting "estxie" & joining mailing list. The price is already very low originally, with all these discounts it's really a good deal!

Let me know if you like this outfit too!

We went to Bangkok Jam at the new Plaza Singapura extension for lunch.

Quite interesting with those road signs and wire cables hanging on top!

The service was okay but the wait for the food was extremely long. Bf got a little pissed but I was all zen. Hahaha, guess I was in a good mood!

Ordered stuffed chicken wings as a side dish. It has glass vermicelli and mushroom inside. I'm not particularly a fan of stuffed chicken wings (I prefer the original), so I don't have much comments about it.

Bf had the Massaman Curry. No idea what is Massaman. The staff didn't know either.

I was tempted by the usual Thai fare but decided on this Prawn Spaghetti in Coconut Base. I'm so happy with my choice! It has a tinge of tom yam in its light gravy, which is a good combination. The sauce is not thick and not too creamy so I really enjoyed the whole dish right till the end. The portion of noodle was quite little though...

I don't know where else I can have this dish again!

Wanted to order Mango Sticky Rice but looking at how slow they take to prepare dishes, we decided not to.

We went to watch a movie and after that we went to Clarke Quay for dinner! Ate at Freshness Burger which was a huge disappointment.

The potato wedges came and it was like half the packet dropped out on the way to the table. Only 4-5 tiny piece  inside!!! We also had the soup which was so-so.

The burgers.... I think Mos burger, Mcdonalds, Carls Jr, and KFC, all cheaper options, are nicer -_-

My choice of tea wasn't to my liking so I exchanged with bf for his classic tea.

Okay, abrupt ending here. I pre-scheduled this post, so if you are reading this as soon as it's published, I'm currently having buffet steamboat + bbq with my family right now to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary. Nom nom noms!