Monday, December 17, 2012

El-ska Shoetique

Another outfit entry!

Top: Mamatiam
I love this piece! Initially wanted to pair it with denim jeans for a casual look but decided to wear a black dress underneath in the end. I love the layers in front, which adds a little frill to this simple blouse. It is also a versatile wear! I think I can wear a formal high-waist skirt over the blouse which will make it a corporate look too. Like most of the clothes at Mamatiam, this is priced at only $13.

Heels: El-ska
This pair is called "Rev It Up" from a newly launched 'shoetique' in Singapore. I really like how it's so unique and adds a punch to the outfit. The platform also makes this high heel a comfortable and stable wear. I foresee myself wearing this a lot in the future. I can easily match it with black or brown dresses and the pink back really complements the design.

On a side note, I just went to check out El-ska again and I'm in love with one of their new arrivals "Brave Front"! A towering red suede platforms featuring a metal piece cutout detailing in the front and stiletto heel, I think it would be perfect for the upcoming festive parties! It's so pretty!! Can anyone get it for me as a Christmas gift? haha.

Another pretty photo of "Rev It Up":

Ending this entry with one more photo of the outfit. I have a lot to complete this week and also trying to clear my blogging backlogs too. Trying to clear the shorter entries first so that it seem like I have lesser on my list! Haha. By the way, I am thinking of adding some highlights to my hair! What do you think? Teal? Pink?

Have been taking more detailed outfit photos recently, so I will have more outfit entries like this coming up, but not so soon! Will sandwich some other entries in between :)