Friday, December 7, 2012


Okay, despite the title, I'm not blogging about colorful mochi of any sorts. Haha.

In fact, it is not edible at all. Unless you like to eat metal. Or pearls. No, I don't mean the bubble tea pearls.

Loving this stack of bangles that Rainbow-Mochi sent me! Yep, it's the name of an accessories blogshop. You know how usually bangle-stacks are made up of several bangles that don't look too good on their own?  Well, I think I can mix and match some of the bangles in this stack with other existing bangles I have for a different look! I really like the original combination already though. It just goes so well together. Best thing is, Rainbow-Mochi is selling it for only $12!

"Fashion never stops. As a online blogshop owner, we are working hard to keep up with the constantly changing of fashion trends. With the aid of modern technology, it is made easy with updated online editorial inspirations and fashion magazines on styles and trends! Our latest reads are accessorizing ensemble with tassel and chunky items! Thus, we decided to bring in these special picks and share it with everyone!" ~ Rainbow-Mochi

The owners of Rainbow-Mochi believe that accessories are important in everyone's daily life, and they have the ability to complete and glamorize a simple day-to-day outfit. I agree! I always feel that my dressing is incomplete when I do not have my accessories on :(

In order to provide the latest fashion styles and trends, Rainbow-Mochi personally handpick accessories from different places, aiming to provide consumers a convenience one-stop online accessory store. Apart from that, being able to personally handpick all of the items also allow the owners to ensure the quality of the items offered. Other than constant keep up on fashion styles and trends, Rainbow-Mochi also aims to provide the best customer service and trust between them and (potential) customers.

Before I go on, I want to emphasize on something. I really like Rainbow-Mochi's customer service and I felt very happy working with them. They are very polite and efficient in responding back to me too. I think that's one of the major factor shoppers look for in a blogshop nowadays.

All items are in-stock. In any case of any out-of-stock items, Rainbow-Mochi will attempt to restock them or organize a backorder :)

Rainbow-Mochi will be featuring more tassel accessories (chunky tassel chains necklace to vibrant tassel long earrings) and also pretty bangles as well.

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