Tuesday, July 24, 2012


During the weekend, I attended the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 organized by Omy. I'm a finalist for Best Individual Blog! I've taken a look at some of the other finalist blogs and each have their own individual style. Almost everyone is a strong contender of the title. Compared to them, I'm probably more "anyhow" and lacking in seriousness. Haha.

So anyway, happy to be a finalist! My photo in the brochure! ^_^

And on the screen!

So anyway, of course I didn't win la. But I would like to thank every single one of you out there who spent some time to vote for me! I don't think a lot of people bothered, so that makes every single reader who did more special :) Nice of you to do that for someone you do not know at all! Also, thanks for the friends who voted for me even though I didn't mention and thanks also to Randy who surprised me by rallying votes for me on his blog. Haha. What a kind gesture!

I took a photo at the photobooth. The dress code was Superhero. Take it I was on undercover shift that day.

Was famished after the event! We head to eat La mian at this restaurant which the guys raved about.

I had the chicken soup. Soup was superb, though the rest is just okay.

Took pictures!

My bag is from MissQueenie.com This is also going to become one of my 'daily' bag, just like the previous one I got from MissQueenie.com too! Love the simple design.

My outfit is from SMITTEN at JIPABAN.COM!

Told ya they have lots of cute cropped tops. It comes with a black inner mini dress but I chose to pair it with this mint maxi skirt also from SMITTEN! I loveeeeeee the maxi skirt! It's does not make you look frumpy and the material is light and comfy too. There were 3 colors available and I finally chose this one.  I really like my outfit that day, I had to take plenty of photos!

Photo with Isaac and Benjamin!

Don't know why they both look at me together. So funny! But I like my face here, so I'm gonna post it up anyway. Haha.

Adding Randy in~

Have to say this again - I major love my outfit! Get it from SMITTEN at JIPABAN.COM!

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  1. Hey Esther. Just started reading your blog again after a year. Sorry to hear about your previous relationship. I'm glad to see that you have a great circle of friends to support you. I don't know you personally but from your blog, you seem like a really nice person. I just want to wish you all the best is everything you do and hope that your prince will come for you soon. :)